7 Healthy Benefits of Ginger

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7 Healthy Benefits of Ginger

7 Healthy Benefits of Ginger

Nature offers us a number of miracle “drugs” that promote personal health, healing, and wellness. Ginger is one of those wonder drugs that has a variety of health benefits that you may not know about. What are they? Read on to learn more about what this tasty root has to offer for your health and well-being.

Motion Sickness and Morning Sickness

Ginger has been found to have great properties for relieving nausea, making it an effective remedy for motion sickness and morning sickness. Going a little further, ginger can also help when you have nausea and stomach upset due to the stomach flu.

Treats Colds and Flu Viruses

Ginger is an effective treatment for the common cold and a variety of flu viruses. A little bit of hot ginger tea has been known for centuries to help alleviate the symptoms of a cold and the flu.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain in Your body

A little bit of ginger can help reduce inflammation in your body and works much like that aspirin or ibuprofen that you normally reach for. If you’re looking for a natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller, give ginger a try.

Helps Relieve Respiratory Symptoms

Do you have a cough or a respiratory ailment? Try a little ginger to help out. It has been found to have properties that work as a natural expectorant to help thin mucus and remove it. Ginger can also help expand your lung and loosen up phlegm that is in your lungs so before you reach for that commercial cough medicine, try a little ginger first. If you are suffering from throat irritation, try some ginger to help reduce those symptoms as well.

Promotes Natural Immunity

Just a little bit of ginger consumed every day can help improve your immunity and reduce your risk of stroke. How does it do this? Ginger can work as an inhibitor against fatty deposits in your arteries.

Good for Your Circulation

If you are needing to improve your body’s circulation, ginger can certainly help. This root contains minerals (zinc, chromium, and magnesium) that help improve the body’s blood flow and work to prevent fevers and chills.

Ways to Use Ginger

There are a variety of ways you can consume ginger to improve your health. You can use fresh or dried ginger, shredded or powdered. You might want to drink ginger tea, add a little ginger to your green tea, or mix some honey with your ginger before consuming. You can also add ginger to a variety of recipes in order to add it to your daily diet.

Do some experimenting to figure out your favorite method of taking ginger. However you take it, this natural root is an excellent source for promoting health and wellness, making it a must to add to your diet.

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  1. My mother used to make me a ginger tea by steeping a tea bag with some powdered ginger, a bit of milk and sugar or honey. I used to have the worst menstrual cramps ever, and the ginger tea always worked wonders to alleviate all the pain! She learned this benefit of ginger from her mother of course, who most likely learned it from her mom. Thanks for letting us know other benefits of this wonderful plant.

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