Beer Can Bacon Burgers – No Way You Watch This Without Salivating

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beer burgers

Pretty much everyone has seen the various commercials for fast food restaurants where they have some sexy model slowly bite into a burger the size of a dinner plate. You probably have also experienced the disappointment when you go to get one and it doesn’t even remotely resemble the burger on the commercial.  Well we have some great news for you monster burger loving aficionados…

Beer Can Bacon Burgers are here and they are for real. Thanks to the BBQ Pit Boys over on YouTube, you never have to be misled again.

(Other than the seductive woman biting the burger. The closest you come here are a few fellas that closely resemble ZZ Top that can cook like nobody’s business!)

These Beer Can Burgers are so incredibly huge that I was shocked they could even get them into their mouths. The juicy flavors were literally running down their arms! If you like really big burgers that are loaded with flavor, this burger is for you.

What is especially cool about it is the way they bring it all together. Hamburgers are not meant to be this big, but these sure look like they would be fun at a July 4th cookout. The fat content is through the roof I am sure, but man would it be fun every now and then.

Check out this video and you will see what I mean. Trust me when I say to watch it to the end and you will be shocked at all the ideas that will spring to mind. I can totally see how these could be done in a slightly healthier way as well. Use your imagination while you watch!

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