Seven Natural Solutions for Pain

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Seven Natural Solutions for Pain

Seven Natural Solutions for Pain

Somewhere along the way, people began realizing that pain pills are not always the best solution for pain. Although they can be effective in some situations, they can also be extremely addictive and dangerous. For this reason, many people are forgoing traditional prescription medicine and trying natural ways of healing. Pain responds quite well to many different natural techniques. Here are seven natural solutions for pain that have become quite popular:

Note: Before trying any new natural methods or supplements, it is always a good idea to consult a physician.

Vitamin B–12

Vitamin B-12 has become popular in recent years for a number of things and pain is certainly one of them. This vitamin encourages your body to heal itself and to protect the nerves throughout. While it is certainly not the right choice for everyone, vitamin B12 has proven to be effective for many.


This usually comes in a cream form and works wonders for pain in and around the neck. Many people experience a clear difference almost right away and it is also popular for back pain. The only downside is that it often is accompanied by a burning sensation. It goes away quickly so most people don’t mind as long as it takes the pain away.


People have sworn by acupuncture for years and although it certainly has its detractors, it remains popular as a natural pain solution. It is certainly understandable why some folks don’t want tiny pins inserted into their body. It does seem a bit scary, but it works.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have become extremely popular and pain relief is certainly one of the reasons why. What is so wonderful about essential oils and pain relief is that there are countless combinations to try for your pain. Not everyone responds in the same way, therefore it may take some experimentation. To get you started, head over here and learn what you need to know for the basics.


Stretching remains one of the most effective ways of controlling pain when it is done correctly. The art of yoga facilitates these movements wonderfully and can make an incredible difference in the way that you feel from day-to-day. People who experience chronic pain often end up remaining motionless because of the pain. Yoga strives to regain that movement and loosen up the muscles. This helps also with your joints and increases mobility.


Like yoga, exercise can do wonders for pain control. It might seem counterproductive on the surface and for some it might be, but the vast majority of people can benefit from exercise. Talk with your doctor about what is possible for you and the exercises that could benefit you the most. You might be surprised at how much control we have over the pain we experience and the results can be quite liberating.


As you work on the body, it is also important to work on your mind. Some of the most incredible stories you have ever heard come from those individuals who suffer relentlessly with chronic pain. Their stories are heartbreaking and inspiring in some cases as well. There are patients who have learned to meditate so well that they literally can stay off pain medication without major discomfort… This despite suffering from chronic pain. Of course it is not the norm and these are unusual cases, but it is something to hope for and strive for. Meditation can help everyone to some degree if they honestly put effort behind it. As a natural pain solution it is worth a try and harmless.

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