Five Natural Solutions for Stomach Ache

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Five Natural Solutions for Stomach Ache

Five Natural Solutions for Stomach Ache

Stomach pains are among the most irritating problems we can go through. Sometimes it feels as though nothing will help and the store bought solutions are expensive. Even when you do spend the money for a solution, you often are left with a stomach ache after the fact. Why not try natural solutions that always seem to work quite well? You will save time, money and energy.

Here are five of the best solutions for a tummy ache:

Chamomile Tea

This anti inflammatory can work wonders for your stomach ache and it is found in many different forms. You can simply buy chamomile tea bags or get the pure form from extract. Either way, this wonderful product will ease your tummy and cure nausea too.


Ginger has been the perfect nausea solution for years and can be had in a number of forms as well. The key to ginger is getting it pure. Some folks swear by ginger ale but you want to get the type that is all natural for maximum effect.


This natural analgesic is commonly used in stomach upset because it is so easy to come by and because it works wonders on the toughest cases of upset stomach. After a bout with nausea or diarrhea, a fresh peppermint leaf to nibble on or a bit of peppermint candy even can ease your tummy off good. Essential oils are also a wonderful solution and source of peppermint.

If you are interested in peppermint or other essential oils as natural solutions, check out my guide here to learn what you need to know! 

Heating Pad or Bottle

Heat has always been good for tight, painful abdominal muscles. Laying a heating pad across your belly or a nice warm heating bottle can often be all that is needed to loosen up things and get you feeling back to normal.

Rub the Feet

A good old fashioned foot rub can cure a stomach ache quickly also. Our bodies are wired such that we have pressure points that correspond to other areas. Your feet contain quite a few of these including the ones that relate to your stomach. The inside of the left foot arch is a key area for you to focus on when your stomach is hurting. Have someone rub it gently but firmly and see if it eases your symptoms.

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