5 Ways to Use Sage in the Kitchen and Home

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5 Ways to Use Sage in the Kitchen and Home

Growing your own sage plant at home is an easy and rewarding job that gives back with plenty of fresh sage leaves that you can use in your cooking and in the home. Sage has so many possible uses, brought on mostly by its unique flavor and scent. Because you are growing the sage for yourself, try to always use the sage leaves when they are at their freshest for the best results.

5 Ways to Use Sage

If you have fresh sage at your disposal try any of these ways to use put the sage to the best use in your kitchen and around the home. Start by exploring the flavor and scent of the herb for yourself, and then learning what flavors you like it paired up best with.


Create Sage Flavored Olive Oil

Flavored olive oils make the perfect ready to go option when you are cooking and need something different to add to pasta, meat and bread. Add fresh sage to bottles of virgin olive oil and place in a dark corner where the sage can infuse itself into the oil before using.


Create Sage Flavored Honey

In addition to oil, honey is often infused with different flavors, and sage flavored honey is a unique combination that you are not going to be able to readily find in stores and markets.  The honey can be used to flavor fish dishes, in tea or as part of marinades, there really are no limits to the way you use infused honey.


Roast Sage Leaves

Sage leaves are extremely flavorful when they are roasted, and roasting them to use in recipes, mixes and spice combinations is a great way to add flavor to so many snacks and dishes. If you like roasting peanuts, roasting sage leaves right along with the nuts is an easy way to give the nuts an earthy flavor that will leave you looking for more roasting combinations to try.


Burn Sage to Clean Air

Sage has been burned in homes by people of different cultures for purification and healing, but as an herb, it is a great way to clear the air of smells. Bunch sage branches up tightly and allow the leaves to dry out for a few days. When you need to clear the air and scent the house, light the sage bundle and place it somewhere where it can be allowed to safely burn under supervision. The scent will fill your home with a clean, earthy scent.


Scent Household Cleaners With Sage

If you have a specific household cleaner that you like, but are not fond of the smell, try brightening it with the addition of some sage leaves. Sage leaves can be added to just about any cleaning solution, and left in the bottle over time its scent is able to infuse with the solution so that you always get a light fragrance wherever it is used.


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