Mason Jar Salad Ideas

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Mason Jar Salad Ideas

(photo credit:  Mason Jar Salads and More book)

Mason Jar Salad Ideas

Do ya’ll remember when I posted the article about my brand new FoodSaver Machine where I was first testing Mason Jar Salads?  I was so excited about this little machine that could keep my salad fresh and crispy for more than 7 days!  Remember?

Well now that I have perfectly a fresh salad that is made in a Mason Jar, I needed more recipes!  My salads got to be a bit repetitious.  It’s not fun eating the same types of foods over and over again.  On the other hand, I had no idea how to spice up my healthy salad options and how to layer them.  I found the Mason Jar Salad and more book.  This book is written by Julia Mirabella.  In this book you will be given 50 layered lunches to grab and go!  Fifty!  That’s not a typo!  I had never even considered some of these recipes.  Now I can make a lunch and not repeat the same options for a month!

I am still in love with my FoodSaver and use it often.  The bags can be a bit expensive but the Mason Jar recipes are amazing and a cost savings when I use my Mason Jar attachment lid sealer for these recipes too.  I have both the wide mouth Mason Jar sealer and the Regular sized Mason Jar Sealer for all types of recipes.

If you are like me and need a bit of inspiration for some Mason Jar Salad Ideas, I highly recommend Mason Jar Salads and More book!  Here’s the best part, right now it’s listed as 41% off on Amazon!

Mason Jar Salad ideas

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