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Well week 7 has not been the best for me but I am happy to say that I have lost .1 pound instead of gaining any which is absolutely amazing.

I did the Nutrisystem 4 days out of the week which is probably the only reason I didn’t gain any weight.

For several days I ate hospital food and you know how it is when you are waiting and all there is to do is eat, eat, and eat more…..

I did do very well as far as exercising most days of the week!

I am now having to hide my Nutrisystem deserts from my husband LOL!

I let him taste a little bite of one of my ice cream sandwiches and I woke up the next morning and one was missing. YES these are soooo good that I will notice if I am missing any. When I asked him about it he said he couldn’t help himself because they were so good and I should have never of let him taste it.

So now they have a special little hiding spot in our deep freezer;)

Since starting Nutrisystem I have lost a total of  6 pounds!!!

I will be back next week with my week 8 update so stay tuned!

Tip:  Here’s the Couch 2 5k App in iTunes for only $2.99!  Best money i’ve ever spent!

running application for your smartphone

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(I am receiving 4 months of food from Nutrisystem’s Women’s Silver Select Program in order to facilitate my reviews.  No other compensation is being provided and all opinions are my own.)

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