How to Organize Your Foyer or Entryway

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How to Organize Your Foyer or Entryway

How to Organize Your Foyer or Entryway

The first thing guests will see when they walk into your home is your foyer or entryway. Keeping it clean and organized is important if you hope to greet guests with a clean and clutter free home. Check out these tips to help you get your foyer in order:

Start at the Doorway

Stand in the doorway of your home. Take a good look around so you can see what guests will see when they step inside. Make note of any issues or any items that are improperly placed, need to be better organized or completely removed from the entryway. Your own eyesight is the most powerful tool for organization of such a small area.

Create a Place for Everything

An entryway may need a place for guests to remove and hang coats, jackets, or shoes. You can easily create this by installing a wall rack to hang coats or putting in an upright coat rack. Putting in a nice bench is nice for shoe removal. Include a rug to leave shoes on or a storage bin of some type to hold the shoes.

A storage rack with multiple compartments or a book shelf can make use of decorative boxes or baskets for holding other items like mail, notes from school, and the like.

If you have school aged kids coming and going through your foyer, don’t forget to add a horizontal rack with hooks to hold backpacks. You may also wish to invest in storage cubbies so every family member can keep their stuff organized.

Use a Table and Baskets as a Catch All

If your family uses your main entryway regularly, you should put a table and some baskets to the right of the door as a catchall. You know how it is… everyone walks in the door and throws their keys and other items down. Instead of having those things scattered all over the place right next to the front door, provide something to contain all of that stuff and keep your foyer neat.

Add Rugs for Dirty Feet

Invest in a heavy doormat to place outside your door so family members and guests can wipe their feet before entering. Add another mat right inside the door and then put down other decorative rugs to help keep the floors clean.

Keep a Broom Handy

A broom or even a small dustpan and hand brush should be kept handy for quick sweepings of the entryway floor. If you don’t have a storage closet in your foyer, keep the broom in another inconspicuous place nearby.

An entryway is usually a small area in your home, but it makes a big impression. Keeping it clean and organized for usage and aesthetics is an important part of regular home care. Put things in order and then add some decorative touches so guests will feel welcome when they step inside your home.

If you are in need of better organization skills in general, then we have some things here that will be sure yo help you out! Check out our guide to Getting Organized! If you find that you are still having organization problems, then you might want to try this book on organizing inside and out!

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