How to Organize a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule That Works

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How to Organize a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule That Works

How to Organize a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule that Works

Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom and it is certainly one of those tasks that can easily get lost in the mix. Unfortunately, you have to stay on top of a bathroom or it can snowball pretty badly. When a bathroom gets going in that direction you can lose control of it pretty fast. The best way to avoid this type of problem is to organize a bathroom cleaning schedule for your family. This will keep all your bathrooms sparkling on a regular basis and prevent you from killing yourself trying to do it all yourself. Sound good?

Here are some tips to organize your bathroom cleaning:

Assess your needs

Clearly a frat house will need a different cleaning schedule than a two person apartment. That said, you need to be realistic about how often you need to clean your bathrooms. You also need to consider how many bathrooms you have and how often they are used. All of these things will help you determine a cleaning schedule that makes sense.

Gather and organize your supplies

If you have the wrong equipment to get the job done, you will be far less likely to get help from others. Make sure you have everything they could possibly need to do the job right before you recruit their help in keeping the bathrooms clean. If you are flying solo and doing it yourself, you will need the proper supplies too.

Divvy everything up

Now that you know what you need and have the tools to knock it out, it is time to make a schedule that works. For the average bathroom, you should scrub clean about twice a week. Surface cleaning should be done every single day when possible but every other day at the least. If you are unable to keep that schedule, do it as often as possible. Make a schedule that allows everyone to do their part, including the youngsters if possible.

Gather everyone and explain what you need

Showing them is far more beneficial than telling them. Explain what each person’s roll is and post it plainly where they can quickly and easily see when it is their turn to do the job. Cleaning the bathroom is not all that tough when you spread it out over time and different people.

Enforce the new schedule

Be ready to have to enforce the schedule for a time, both from your spouse and your kids. It takes time to make new habits and if you have been the do it all parent or spouse, they will need time to adjust to this new bathroom cleaning schedule.

Organizing a bathroom cleaning schedule is an adjustment but with time, you can get help from others in your home. Day after day you will find the family embracing it more (or at least accepting it) and new habits will be formed. The key is to stick with it and never give in.

What ideas can you share that help to organize an effective cleaning schedule in the bathroom?

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