Christmas Nail Art Ideas

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Christmas Nail Art Ideas


I am going to go ahead and do an up front confession…..there is no way I could ever possibly do any of these amazing Christmas Nail Art Ideas! Jennifer, on the other hand, is really good at nail art. She has the magic touch…and I don’t. BUT, even if you’re like me and can’t do it yourself, you can still take the idea to someone who can! Some of these are so detailed and precise that I just can’t even fathom being able to do it. Do they make stick-on nail art? Because I might be able to do those and not mess it up. I stress the word “might”. Either way, these Christmas Nail Art Ideas should give you some really good ideas to make your hands absolutely stunning during the holiday festivities!  I’ve been told these Migi Nail Art pins are the best nail design pens for highly detailed nail art.  Jennifer owns multiple sets and loves it!

In fact, here are a few Nail Design tools she suggested:

Migi Nail Art Pens:  These have a fine tip that really lets you do so amazing detail in small spaces.  Tip:  You can refill these containers too!

Nail Art Paint Pen Brushes set:  Rated an Amazon #1 Best Seller and we can see why!  All the tools you need to make fantastic art on your nails!  It’s super cheap too!  We love that!

Add some Bling!  We love the Mash Rhinestones 2400 piece with 12 different colors Manicure Wheel set!  Don’t forget the super glue!

Striping Tape for line nail art:  We have this 30 piece Tape set and it will last you a long time too!

If you are in to the Gel nails or Shellac then you really need to see this deal on a Shellac or Gel Nail dryer kit we posted last week!  It’s amazingly popular!


christmas nail art designs

Seriously?? These are so cute! Surely this has to be a template or something. If you can paint like this, then you better be getting paid for it. When you go to see how this is done, be sure to use the tool on the right of the page and translate it into English. Unless you are fluent in French!

christmas nail art ideasPhoto credit by Glitter and Nails

Check out these really cute Easy Christmas Trees! Once I saw the process step-by-step, it doesn’t seem too hard. I could possibly pull it off.

christmas nail art ideasPhoto credit by Blue Tape and Nails

These little snowmen are too cute! I saw this on Pinterest and I love how sparkly they are! This would definitely have to be left to a professional, but a great design for the holidays.

christmas nail art ideas

Hey! Nobody says everything has to be red and green during the holidays! I think the pink and black combination is CUTE! This one has a You Tube video to show you how it’s done!

christmas nail art ideasPhoto credit by Polish Pedia

Here’s another great idea I found on Pinterest. Little girls and grown ups would like this one!

christmas nail art ideas

And last, but certainly not least, check out these little Santa Hat Nails! These are really cute. There is a complete tutorial and seems pretty simple to do!

christmas nail art ideasPhoto credit by Fancy Frugal Life

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