6 Clever Uses For Toilet Paper Rolls

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6 Clever Uses For Toilet Paper Rolls

6 Clever Uses For Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are often discarded without much thought. It is interesting, however, to note that toilet paper rolls are super useful! There are websites out there dedicated to the various projects, crafts and uses for these little tubes. If you are one to try to reuse, recycle and repurpose, here are six clever and interested ways to take advantage of those toilet paper rolls before they get tossed in the trash:

As a Portable Fire Starter

This neat little hack involves toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. If you like to go camping, these toilet paper firestarters are ideal. Just put the dryer lint inside the rolls and you are ready to go. Place one of these under the kindling and light it. It will slow burn to get your fire going. This also works with home fireplaces.

As a Seed Starter

The cardboard in a toilet paper roll is biodegradable so you can literally plant a starter seed and open the bottom. This will allow the roots to grow while the cardboard will degrade away.

Seedling starters from toilet paper rolls

Make Tube People

This is cute little crafting idea for kids (or adults if you want to be silly) where you add faces and the like to the tubes. You can then take these “tube people” and have fun with your little ones. It is a wonderful rainy day exercise in creativity.

Go Bowling

Turn those toilet paper rolls into bowling pins and you have yourself a game to entertain the kids for hours. Just use a plastic or rubber ball to knock them down and then set them up all over again. Optionally you can color them white and add a red ring around the top for authenticity.

Make Christmas Ornaments

There are countless crafting options with toilet paper rolls and this one is the most enjoyable. Take some glitter, glue, magic markers or construction paper and create a Christmas ornament for the tree. Kids really enjoy this project.

Organize Your Cords

For a super useful storage tip, wrap up your unused cords in a tube and then label the outside for easy identification. This allows you to keep them in order while still being able to store them away.

Make a Race Track

You can get pretty crafty with toilet paper tolls and hot wheel cars or even marbles.  My kids were entertained for hours when we crafted our how race tracks.  All you need it a bit of tape, cardboard, marbles or hot wheels and a bit of creativity.

Toilet paper roll race track

Toilet paper roll race track


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Creative uses for toilet paper rolls

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