Cool Pumpkin Carvings

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Cool Pumpkin Carvings


Halloween will be here before you know it, so it’s time to be on the hunt for some really Cool Pumpkin Carvings! We’ve showed you how to decorate your pumpkins in all sorts of ways without carving in our Halloween Pumpkin Patterns post and even gave you 25 (Easy) Free Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates. Now, we want to share some of our favorite Cool Pumpkin Carvings! Some of these may not be as easy as what we’ve talked about before, but they are sure to impress all of your trick or treaters!  Oh, and if you are not into carving pumpkins and want something a bit more simple, be sure to check out these Pumpkin Decoration kits that you just pop in to your pumpkin.  I love all the Star Wars themed ones myself. 

cool pumpkin carvings

Pumpkin Eating Pumpkin: I love how the little pumpkin inside actually looks scared! The carving is still fairly simple, it just adds a little twist to the normal design!

cool pumpkin carvingsPhoto Credit From The Cutest Blog on the Block

Pumpkin Campfire: Now this is really unique and something I have never seen before. I found this cute idea on Pinterest and thought it would be adorable at a Halloween party. The carving doesn’t look difficult and you could do it free hand so that each pumpkin is a little different.

cool pumpkin carvingsSkeletons: Here’s another really cute one from Pinterest. This would look amazing in your front yard and definitely make people take a second look! SPOOKY!

cool pumpkin carvingsPartying too much Pumpkin: I know…I know…this isn’t very kid friendly, but still funny! This also gives you a use for the insides, although I wouldn’t leave it out for very long.

cool pumpkin carvingsPhoto credit from The Funnyz

Mummy: I never would have thought of this either! Slicing your pumpkin and then stacking the slices to look like a mummy…so cute. This idea was found on Woman’s Day along with some other Cool Pumpkin Carvings. Be sure to check out the Scarface pumpkin, Sweetheart pumpkins and the adorable Frog Choir!

cool pumpkin carvingsI hope this has given you some inspiration and you’re ready to get out there and carve!

Here’s one of the best pumpkin carving tool sets I own: Brass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

Here’s even more Cool Pumpkin Carving inspiration: Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs to Amuse Your Friends and Scare Your Neighbors

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