Halloween Appetizer Ideas: Witches Broomsticks and Cauldrons

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Witches Broomsticks Halloween Appetizer Idea

Halloween Appetizer Ideas:  Witches Broomsticks and Cauldrons

I’ve been trying to brew up a few Halloween Appetizer Ideas and so far I have witches broomsticks and cauldrons!  Both are edible and fun!   It’s hard to find a Halloween appetizer that is healthy so I really like the witches broomsticks.  They are made from large pretzel rods and string cheese sticks.

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Here’s a fun and edible dessert idea too.  Try some chocolate and banana pudding witches cauldrons!  The chocolate and banana flavor together is a personal favorite of mine so I was happy to stir this one up!  It’s simple too!  Just add a little bit of food coloring to your instant pudding and voila!  Edible Witches brew!  It would be cute to add those tiny little spoons you get from the ice cream shop to get samples too!  I didn’t have any on hand just yet but you can bet I will order some before my party!  It will add that extra touch it needs.

Here’s how to make the Witches Cauldrons:

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Chocolate Almond Bark (or your favorite chocolate)
  2. Very Small Water Balloons
  3. Wax Paper
  4. Banana Instant Pudding
  5. Spray cooking oil


Lay out your wax paper.  Blow up your balloons.  Spray the bottoms of your balloons with cooking oil so the chocolate doesn’t stick to the balloon.  Melt your chocolate.  Drop a small dollop of chocolate on the was paper where you plan to put the first dipped balloon.  (this will help give it a base to stand on it’s own).  Dip your balloon in the chocolate about half way up and set it on top of the chocolate you just placed on the wax paper.  Repeat with the rest of the balloons and let them all dry (approx. 30 minutes or longer).

Once your cauldrons are dry, prepare your banana pudding (or another flavor you desire) according to the instructions on the package.  Add a few drops of green food coloring.  Add the pudding to the cauldrons and voila!  You’re done!


Here’s how to make the Witches Broomsticks:

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Large Pretzel Rods  (similar to these)
  2. String Cheese
  3. Twizzler strings (the pull and peel kind seen here)


Lay your your pretzel rods.  Start pulling apart the string cheese.  Place a bunch around the pretzel rod.  Tie it with the Twizzler pull and peel strings.  Voila!  It’s couldn’t get any easier than that!

Halloween Witches Cauldrons

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