IvanaBitch Vodka Review #Vodka #Ivanabitch

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**Please drink responsibly. Please do not Drink and Drive. This post is intended for readers ages 18+**

IvanaBitch Vodka Review

First off, I love the name IvanaBitch!  It’s so fun to say!  “Who wants some Ivanabitch tonight?”  lol…

See what I mean?!

I’m a huge fan of vodka so I was happy to complete this review for all of my fellow vodka lovers!  First off Ivanabitch has many different flavors!   Head over and see all of the Ivanabitch flavors here (You must be 21 to enter this site)

Ivanabitch vodka review

Here are the flavors I tried (well I had some help):

  • Blackberry Vodka
  • Coconut Vodka
  • Cherry Vodka
  • Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Peach Vodka
  • Vanilla Vodka

I can tell you by far that the Coconut, Vanilla and Peach are my favorites!  These were light in flavor but just enough to add that special something to your drink.  I didn’t care too much for the cherry but my husband liked it!

These vodkas are really smooth.  I’m pretty picky about my vodkas and I will definitely be adding these to my favorites list!

Here’s my favorite drink concoction of the night!  I call it the “Skinny Girl Drink”

Skinny Girl Vodka Drink Recipe


I mixed together Diet Cranberry juice (because it has less sugar and still tastes amazing) with the Coconut Flavored Ivanabitch Vodka.  It was amazing!  My husband ended up liking it so much that this was his next drink was exactly this!


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