VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet Review

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Disclosure: I received product in order to conduct this review. No other form of compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own.

VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet Review


vtech write and learn touch tablet

I LOVE it when I get the chance to review items like this VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet! As some of you may know, I have a four year old daughter. She does go to “pre-school” two days a week, but I like to do extra things to prepare her for kindergarten. She knows her ABC’s and can count to 100, but she has difficulty writing letters. She can write her name and used to be able to write it fairly well. But we have noticed that sometimes we can’t even recognize the letters of her name.

We have purchased a few small dry erase boards where she can practice writing numbers and letters. Those work great, but she gets the marker all over her…or forgets to wipe it off and then it’s “stained” on the board. It served it’s purpose, for a while, but we were in search of something better. I have to say this VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet really came to the rescue! She absolutely LOVES this thing. I have even found my 7 year old playing on it, and having fun with it. It’s the perfect size for little ones, has a handle so they can carry it with them and an easy grip “pen” for their little hands.

VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet

The VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet covers all of your basics. There are 6 different activities they can do which include:

  • Free Draw: This let’s them draw anything they want.
  • Shapes and Stories: This helps them draw basic shapes and then tells a little story to go along with it.
  • Capital Letters
  • Lower Case Letters
  • Number Writing
  • Guessing Game: This is a hide and seek kind of game with letters.

The screen is a great size, it has volume control buttons (we love this feature), very durable and has an automatic shut-off! All of the keys are clearly marked with the corresponding letters, numbers and games which makes the VTech Write and Learn Touch Tablet really user friendly. I absolutely recommend this tablet for little ones who are getting ready to go to school. This would be a great activity for rainy days and would also make a great gift! I found THIS TABLET for just $8.85 (REG. $19.99)!! That’s a great deal!!


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