Kalorik Induction Plate Review

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I received product in order to conduct my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Induction Plate

Kalorik Induction Plate Review

You should have seen how excited I was to get the Kalorik Induction Plate in the mail.  You would have thought I was a 5 year old on Christmas day.  I’ve been wanting to test out one of these plates for a long time and now I have the chance.

I ordered my Kalorik Induction Plate in red but it comes in blue, grey and black.  It costs just under $80 (which is on sale right now).

When I opened the box I found an instruction booklet with a magnetic too.  The magnet told me that I needed to make sure this stuck to the bottom of my pan in order for it to be compatible.  Luckily, I have one pan that works with it.  Remember my Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic pan I got not that long ago?  Well that works!  Yay!

My first test was to boil water.  I placed my compatible pan on the plate and added water.  The controls are touch with an LED display which was very easy to use.  It was just over a minute before I started to see heat rise from the water!  WOW!  I have a gas stove right now which I thought was fast, but this was much, much faster.  Impressive.  I’ve been told the plate stays cool to the touch but I was not brave enough to test that feature.  I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

I immediately thought the Kalorik Induction plate would be perfect for a small apartment, tiny living, rv living or even a college students dorm room.  Heck,  I have a full sized kitchen and I enjoy it because it saves time in cooking without heating up my kitchen.  I live in Texas so in the summertime I’m always looking for ways to prepare and cook my food without adding more heat to our home.  My brand new Kalorik Induction plate will be used just as much as my Crockpot (which is often)!

Induction Plate Review

More about the Kalorik Induction Plate:

The Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate features our black crystal glass plate delivering evenly distributed heat when cooking with induction-compatible (magnetic) pots and pans of all shapes and sizes. No plastic frame enables use with all cookware and limits damage on oversized loads. This handy and portable appliance offers exceptional convenience in a dorm room, apartment, while traveling, or as an extra cooking aide in your home. It features an adjustable power setting for instant and precise adjustments and produces the exact amount of energy needed. Whether it’s simmering a sauce on low or boiling water this cooking plate saves time and energy, all while remaining cool to the touch and safe for your family unlike traditional heating elements. Other thoughtful details include convenient touch and sensor panel controls, four (4) digit digital LED display, and 24-hour preset function and timer. With its stylish curved design and eye catching appearance, this cooking plate fits perfectly on every countertop and requires little cleaning effort, thus avoiding burned residue and undesirable results.

Kalorik Induction Plate Features:

• Glass size: 9.85″ x 9.85″
• 24-hour preset function and timer
• Energy saving! No wasted heat! All the energy source is transferred to the pan or pot itself!
• Safe: the cooking plate stays cool to the touch at all times, unlike other traditional heating elements
• Easy to clean: no risk of burned residue on the glass surface
• Convenient touch panel control with 4-digit digital display; LED type,Adjustable power for temperature adjustment
• Black crystal glass plate, A grade


You can get a Kalorik Induction Plate of your own here.

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