6 Tips to Getting Your Wardrobe Clutter Under Control

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6 Tips to Getting Your Wardrobe Clutter Under Control

6 Tips to Getting Your Wardrobe Clutter Under Control

Trying to get control of your wardrobe can be an absolute nightmare for some people. Few people purge their clothes properly as they go along and a very large percentage of us have items that should have moved out long ago. In fact, I would dare say that you probably have a piece of clothing that dates back at least twenty years….some of you even longer than that. Getting control of your wardrobe means to cut out the clutter and get organized. You only need clothing that fits your life right now and the rest should hit the road.

So how do you go about finding such closet bliss?

Here are six tips to get your wardrobe clutter gone and your closet back under your control:

Wardrobe clutter begins with living in the past

If it is more than a couple years old, seriously look it over. If it is ten years old, you are pushing the envelope. If it is beyond twenty years of age, get it gone for Heaven’s sake.

Does it fit right now?

If not, you are wasting your time. Yes, that includes your skinny jeans that you swear you will be in by the end of the summer. If you really are that size by then,  you will want some new skinny jeans to celebrate. (and deserve them)

Make matches and discard the rest.

All of us have items that go with absolutely nothing. Usually those items have a special place in our closet that will someday find the perfect match. Someday. Guess when that happens? Get rid of it.

Get rid of feelings.

Feelings have absolutely no place when it comes to wardrobe clutter. Feelings simply make you think you need to keep that “Life is a Beach” headband from Myrtle Beach Spring Break. Feelings make you hold on when you go to throw away that one of kind hula skirt that you could never replace….but never wear again. Get rid of your feelings clothes and you will begin to understand what closet freedom feels like.

Think twice about donations.

Freely donate your clothes to others but be very careful about what you take in. Those bags of clothes you take in to pick out one or two things become the piles of unsorted clothes sitting in the back of your closet rather easily. Be very discerning and don’t be afraid to say no thank you.

Ask friends what needs to go.

If you really want to know what is outdated and otherwise expendable, ask those that you trust what their views are. You might be shocked at how often you wear things you shouldn’t.  Remember, however….you asked for it.

Adopt a one in and one out rule.

If you bring an item in once you get things under control, you have to take one item out. No exceptions….ever.

If you follow these six simple rules, you will have a controlled closet and no longer be a slave to wardrobe clutter.


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