Work at Home Jobs are Very Possible for YOU

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Work at Home Jobs are Very Possible for YOU

I get asked a ton how I created my own work at home job.  I’m talking almost everyday I get asked this question.  I have created my own job working at home by blogging but it has become very competitive.  Starting a blog takes a lot of time and knowledge. If I took the time to train someone about all the aspects of blogging, I would think the training time would be 3 to 6 months (and maybe up to a year) depending on how quickly this person takes on new tasks. Most people think you purchase a website domain name and start writing. This is just not the case at all. Instead of discourage you from creating your own work at home job, I would rather tell you how you can create your own!  Besides, I get asked this question almost daily.  How does one create their own job that allows them to stay at home?

Working for yourself is not for everyone. Let me repeat… not for everyone. You have to be willing to do the work to gain the reward. For some it comes quickly and for others not so quick but my best piece of advice is to keep trying and never, ever give up. And my Dad always said my stubbornness would never payoff – ha! You are wrong Dad!  I’m not quick to refer someone to a get rich kinda scheme either. I don’t believe in the idea. I believe that good old hard work pays off. I have just had the opportunity to meet an inspiring entrepreneur that is living the dream! Her name is Liz Benny. She is a work at home Mom that has created her own job and doing very well at it too. She is a social media manager. A very successful entrepreneur! She is making over 6 figure income (man, I hope I am allowed to tell you that). In fact, she is gaining lots of followers and fans because she is teaching her skills to others! She has even taught me a few bits of good information that I didn’t already know and I thought I knew most of it. There is nothing more that I love than someone who is willing to teach what they have learned to help and inspire others. She truly is an inspiration. I am happy to call her a friend. I am happy to be her cheerleader!

She is offering up a free webinar for all the iSave Readers! How cool is that?! How would you like to have knowledge and inspiration to create your own work at home job?! How would you like to be a social media manager for a few different companies? I have a feeling social media managers are the next big thing.  Think about it.  There are so many websites out there and these people don’t have time to learn how to run their social media campaigns.  There is so much to gain from social media too.  This is a must for businesses!  Working at home definitely has it’s benefits. I know. Social media management is a hot market and is in high demand right now. Many businesses are too busy creating their products or running their business to worry about the marketing or promotion side of things. Liz has found a need in the market and a way to make a business out of it. She has created a process that works and is willing to teach others. I can tell that she really enjoys helping people succeed.  She is taking time out of her schedule to do an amazing webinar that is packed with tons of information that can get your started as a social media manager NOW!  For FREE!  Gosh, I love her.  I started this website because I wanted to help people spend their money wisely.  I wanted to help everyone learn how to be a bit frugal and start cooking at home too.  It saves a ton of money for a family of four that goes out to eat all the time.  Liz is just like me.  She wants to help you get that job where you work from home.  She gets the same feeling that I do when I help others.  Not only that, but after you attend her free webinar to help you start your own business, she will allow you access to her private Facebook group where people will offer tips, support and advice along the way!

Are you willing to do the work? Do you want to become an entrepreneur like Liz and myself? I can’t tell you how many hours and mistakes I’ve made in my own business. I can remember countless hours reading books, online workshops, online html coding classes and even the cost of travel to learn from others at conferences. I wish I had someone that could have helped me get started. It would have saved me lots of time and money.

Head over here to sign up for the Liz Benny “free” webinar that is happening this Thursday, September 17th at 9pm EST!  I bet you will come back and thank me for introducing you to her.

Way to go Liz!  I’m so very proud you are helping others to achieve their dreams.  I’m proud to call you my friend and I want to thank you for creating this webinar for our iSave readers!


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