Do It Yourself Cake Push Pops (Perfect for Parties and Holidays)

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Do It Yourself Cake Push Pops

How would you like to try a do it yourself cake push pops display for your next party or gathering?! It will be the biggest hit! It takes a boring dessert and displays it nicely into a masterpiece!

do it yourself cake push pops tutorial


You can decorate these pops with all kinds of ribbons, special labels or even stickers personalized for the event!!

diy cake push pops

They are super easy to make too!

diy cake push pops

diy cake push pops

Here’s how you make your own Cake Push Pops:

  • Bake your cake in a cookie sheet so that it’s thinner than normal. (Or bake it as usual and cut the pieces in half to get the thinner look)
  • Use a cookie cutter to cut out the circle shapes just a tad smaller than the opening of the cake pop. I highly suggest you let the cake cool and maybe even freeze it for a bit if the cake is extra moist. You don’t want the cake messing up the sides of the push pop and having it cold or frozen will help with that.
  • Place a piece of cake at the first layer into the cake push pop and then continue it with whipped cream or frosting after.

diy cake push pops

diy cake push pops

diy cake push pops

Voila! That’s it! How easy was that?!

Pro Tip: I always make my cake push pops a day or two ahead of my event. I always freeze them and then take them out of the freezer the morning of the party.

Get creative with these cake pops!  You can use Jello, ice cream, brownies, sprinkles, fresh fruit or even marshmallows in them too!  My personal favorite is a pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream cake push up pop!  Oh yeah!

Here are a few neat books if you need more inspirations:

DIY Cake Push Pops

diy cake push pops

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