Easter Bunny Coconut Cake Recipe

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Easter Bunny Coconut Cake Recipe

Easter Bunny Coconut Cake Recipe

You have got to check out this super cute Easter Bunny Coconut Cake recipe I found on the Food Network!

I had almost everything I needed to make it with the exception of the biscotti used for the ears. There’s now way I was going out to purchase biscotti just for this recipe so I substituted it for pink construction paper ears and it is still adorable!

Oh wait!  I can’t stand black licorice so I substituted that for the red licorice.  I’ve also seen the whiskers substituted with toothpicks but I would be very careful to remove those before the cake is served.  You could just make construction paper whiskers if needed too.

If you are a fan of Coconut you will love this recipe! I can eat almost anything with coconut! You could even go for the Unsweetened Coconut if you are trying to cut back on the sugar. It has the same great flavor without the sugar shock! Try it! You might actually like it.

Unsweetened Coconut

Here’s the only adjustment I made to the presentation of this amazing dessert.  I added green colored shredded coconut around the bottom of the bunny to give it a look as though it’s in a field!  It was a huge success!  Everyone thought it was super cute!  I did the same thing when I made these Easter Chicks Cupcakes seen in the photo below:

Easter Chicks Cupcakes Recipe


The Easter Bunny Coconut Cake recipe gets a five star rating and I see why! It’s easy to make, super cute and delicious too!

Head over here to Food Network to print the Easter Bunny Coconut Cake recipe with instructions.

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