Lose Fat Fast Cardio Exercises

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Lose Fat Fast Cardio Exercises

To lose fat fast, cardio exercises are one of the most recommended and healthy methods known to mankind. The cardio exercises are meant to raise the heart rate. Heart is a muscle by itself. A stronger heart implies more pumping of blood, enabling more fat burnouts while exercising. Let you heart guide you to a fat-free living with these exercises.

There are two types of cardio exercise routine that is generally followed.
• High intensity
• Low intensity

The high intensity workout is meant for short period of cardio to burn large amounts of carbs. The most intensive and effective way, it quickens the metabolism and slimming process. Here is one great high intensity interval training workout method.

1. Sprint/jog around the neighborhood for about 60 seconds
2. Walk/slow job for another 120 seconds

This workout can be carried out in the treadmill or outside. Repeat this cycle for about 8-10 times. The walking activity can be swapped with any other method like cycling, jumping ropes, swimming etc.

The low intensity steady state cardio workout is for those who are looking for a long-term exercise that keeps their fat at bay. Though slow, the amount of carbs burnt increase steadily with every week.

Here is a simple LIST of exercises for you to follow.

1. Slow burpees
2. Side hip raises
3. Plank leg raises
4. Single leg ice skaters
5. Leg-High to knee extension

Each exercise is carried out twice and the cycle is repeated for 10 times. This slow-burn exercise will give you enough time to rest and have a leisurely workout schedule every day.

Both the high intensity and the low intensity cardio exercises are for the same purpose- to banish the fat. However, if you are following a strict no calorie diet, it is wise to avoid high intensity cardio exercises and workouts!

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