How to Organize Laundry Day Like A Pro

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Organize Laundry Day

How to Organize Laundry Day Like A Pro

When it comes to doing laundry, preparation is a must. Unless you enjoy a slow and laborious waste of your day that feels as though it will never end, organizing your laundry day just makes good sense. The good news is that laundry day can actually be incredibly easy. Here are some awesome laundry day organization tips that will smooth the process and make it no big deal in the future:

Install drying racks for your delicates

Drying racks are fantastic when you take the time to install them close to the dryer. The heat from the dryer will help the items to dry a bit quicker while still keeping them safe. Install drying racks just above the dryer if you have that as an option and then you can simply hang up items that can’t go in the dryer right away. No more setting them aside and coming back to them later….your solution is right there in front of you.

Here is an awesome Amazon product for that purpose —

Create a staging area in your laundry room

This is not always possible but if you have room it is a must. A simple rod hanging between two walls can make a huge difference. A folding table is also quite helpful when you pull clothes from the dryer. Why carry them across the house only to fold them or forget about them for a few hours? Dump them on the folding table and get them hung and folded right there. Then you can have each person put away what belongs to them. Hanging clothes like this when they first come out of the dryer will also cut back on your ironing time.

Install a flip up ironing board

If you like to iron your own clothes and don’t use a dry cleaner, installing a flip up ironing board will save you a ton of time and space in the laundry room.

Create a family system…like this!

Getting cooperation from the rest of the family is not always easy, but you can make it pretty fool proof. The key is labels and a stern warning.

First, you should put a laundry hamper in clear view for each bedroom and bathroom in the home. Label it clearly with what is allowed inside. Towels, underwear, shirts, whatever….If you have particularly hard headed family members or young kids, you can put pictures on the outside of the hamper with a digital camera rather easily.

The warning part? That requires that they know that anything that doesn’t find it’s way into the laundry basket by laundry day will ultimately not get washed. Then follow through with your warning when they test you……they will test you.

Make a Laundry Poster

Cleaning tips, stain removal ideas, how to handle certain types of material and so on can get confusing. Put them in writing on a nice and organized laundry poster and have it laminated. This is a life saver when certain members of the family end up on laundry duty unexpectedly. A step by step guide is helpful and will make your life easier.

Use smaller laundry baskets

No matter how large your family is, using smaller baskets will ensure you stay on top of things. When a basket is filled, you will be far more apt to jump in and knock it out. When you have larger baskets, you will naturally wait longer to do laundry because the clothes are out of sight. Go small and you will find yourself on top of the laundry far more often.

If you are in need of better organization skills in general, then we have some things here that will be sure yo help you out! Check out our guide to Getting Organized! If you find that you are still having organization problems, then you might want to try this book on organizing inside and out!

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  1. Your ideas about staging are terrific. I could never have made it without it! I’ve done a lot of laundry in my days and if you only do one thing, it’s fold up the clean clothes….

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