Pokemon vs. Skylanders! In the eyes of 7 year olds!

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Kids views on toys

I ended up volunteering in my daughters 2nd grade class today and we started a discussion about toys.  I’m not even sure how the subject came about.  Oh, wait!  I know!  It was a book about Pokemon.  Most of the discussion was about Pokemon vs. Skylanders! The kids led the discussion and came up with the competing toys.  It turns out, based on their discussions, Pokemon is way more popular than Skylanders!

I have two girls and both of them have loved Pokemon since day one!  I’ve always thought Pokemon was a “boy toy” of some sorts.  Apparently, more girls today really enjoy Pokemon!

Of course boys love Pokemon, or most of them do anyway.  But one boy even said that they prefer Pokemon over Skylanders!  When did we start comparing it to Skylanders! I couldn’t believe it!  Pokemon over Skylanders?!  NO WAY!  Many kids agreed!

I’ve often tease my kids about Pokemon, saying it was going out of style.  They get mad at me for even teasing about that and I think that’s why I do it!

These kids have told me that Pokemon is popular because you can interact with your friends, play the Pokemon card game, watch the cartoons, read the books, trade the collectible cards and play the video games across many different platforms!  Pokemon appeals to all different audience types too!  Pokemon has over 600+ characters in different forms from cute, cool, scary, smart, powerful, weak to weird! So, of course, it appeals to most!  I tried to argue the fact that Skylanders has different elements with some pretty cool characters but I was easily put in my place!

This was a bit strange for me to hear all of these discussions because I really expected to hear something about the new 2012 Furby!  I mean, sales are already showing the Furby is trending towards a “hot” Christmas Toy for this year!  But no, not one word of Furby!

So parents, go ahead, ask your kids what toy they are interested in this year!  I would love to hear what your child says!



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