Shaving Cream Cleans Shower Doors!! Who Knew!!

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Shaving Cream Cleans Shower Doors

Shaving Cream Cleans Shower Doors

Ok, I had to tell you this story…  My youngest decided she was going to use some shaving cream in the shower for her artwork.  Cute Right?!  Well guess what?  It removes soap scum and it defogs the glass too!  Who knew???  Apparently some of my friends already knew this and swear it works.

When I first saw her spraying the shaving cream all over I told her this is a one time thing because I didn’t want her wasting the shaving cream until after I saw what it did!  I may just have her do her artwork all over the shower doors at least once a week!  HA! HA!

Shaving Cream Cleans Shower Doors

Here are 11 other ways to Keep your Shower Doors Clean and Shiny:

New UPDATE:  I have another revolutionary product that just jumped to the top of this list!  Read my review on this shower cleaner called Self-Cleen ST3 here!!!

1. Hands down the Invisible Shield Surface Protectant product is one of my favorites. Treat your clean shower door first and then use a squeegee after every use and it will save you tons of time cleaning!

2.  Glasstastic is a miracle product for hard water stains and cement like residue.  If you have serious problems try this stuff.  Seriously!

3.  You can use Baby Oil or Rain X on the door after it’s been clean.  This will keep the build up down for about three months.

4.  Use the Magic Eraser (blue and white sponge) it works too.

5.  Lemon and a Brillo Pad:  Cut a lemon in half then cut the skin back a little so that it wont touch the glass.  Remove any seeds that you can see so they wont scratch the glass. Rub the lemon on the glass until the area is covered with the juice then buff the juice with a Brillo pad. Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.

6.  Goop Hand Cleaner:  Apply it with a sponge and rinse with water.

7.  Lemon and a Magic Sponge:  Cut a lemon in half, rubbed the lemon directly on the glass and wiped with a magic sponge. I rinsed and only had a few spots to give extra elbow work to. I finished up by using Windex.

8.  Cheapest Method:  Make a paste out of baking soda and water.  This method will require elbow grease with a scrubby though.

9.  No Chemical Method:  Use the finest grade of steel wool. Using only about 1/4 of the steel wool pad, wet the pad and the shower door, give it a brisk rubdown using light pressure, then rinse. They are perfect and sparkling. I’ve used this to clean old doors with lots of buildup, and to keep our brand new doors looking new. Cheap. No chemicals. Very little muscle. Very little time. Great results with never a scratch, even on the chrome faucets and door track.

10.  Fabric Softener Sheets or Dryer Sheets:  Just wet it and scrub.  Works great.  Add baking soda if needed.

11.  If you have Calcium build up on your shower head, just remove it and place it in a baggie filled with vinegar overnight so remove the build up.


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  1. My shower door is always looking dirty even after I clean it, the other glass in the shower stall looks brand new, and that is the part that gets the most water spray. We have tried the lemon juice with the magic eraser, rubbing alcohol, ammonia with water, vinegar and baking soda, Windex, CLR (calcium, lime and rust) cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol, and just about every other product you can imagine, do you think that the steel wool will be fine?

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