Seven Free Summertime Cooling Hacks

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Seven Free Summertime Cooling Hacks

Seven Free Summertime Cooling Hacks

When the summer season begins and we start to feel the heat, finding ways to cool off become extremely important. Not everyone is blessed with a swimming pool and there will almost certainly be moments when air conditioning is not available. When those times hit, finding a cheap and easy way to cool off is a handy skill to have. Here are seven great tips to cool off without breaking the budget when traditional options are not available:

Sleep in the Nude

Chika-bow-bow….no seriously. Sleeping in the nude is good for you and it can be a great way to cool off your body in tough situation. Our bodies need to breathe and a night under some cool sheets when it is warm can do the trick nicely.

Use the Frozen Bottle Method

Cold drinks are our friends and this neat little trick works all day long. Simply take your bottles and fill them up to where the liquid only covers half the bottle without pouring out. Lie them sideways in the freezer and the next day you will have equally distributed ice to put your liquids in for the day. No matter which part of the bottle you are at, you will have cool ice to keep it that way.

Dust Off the Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are not just for kids, right? Fill it up and take a nap, but be careful to be out of the sun. A nasty sunburn is waiting for you otherwise. If you are too large for the kiddie pool, then simply soak your feet for an hour or so. Regardless, it will cool you off.

Keep Your Lotion in the Fridge

Lotions are luxuriously cool and refreshing when you keep them cold in the fridge. Imagine spreading cool sun tan oil on your warm skin throughout the day. Even the kids will be happy to reapply! Aloe on sunburn is awesome as well when it is cooled in the fridge.

Keep the Curtains Drawn

Heat comes in when you allow the sunlight in. It seems simple but every season you hear people complaining about the heat with the curtains open and the sun pouring in. If you are really that hot, close them up! You will lower your temperatures dramatically through that one move.

Take a Cool Bath Or Shower

Cool showers are an absolute life saver during the hot summer months. Spend a bit of time under the shower head each day just cooling off and refreshing your spirit. You will eventually love them so much you will not mind the shock of the cool water at all.

Frozen Bottle Fans

These are so cool and rather easy to pull off. Simply take some old soda pop bottles (plastic) and freeze water in them. Then take them out, place them on a towel in front of a box fan and enjoy your air conditioning. This is incredibly effective and it only gets better as your bottles melt. The condensation literally creates an air conditioning effect.

I hope you liked these tips to keep you cool over the summer! If you’re looking for a great drink to keep you cool, then you should try out this Mango Lemonade Recipe! If mango isn’t really your thing, then here’s some other great drinks for you to try out!

So how you cool off during the summer months?

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