Versatile Herb Garden Design

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Versatile Herb Garden Design

Creating a versatile herb garden design is a great way to grow your own herbs for cooking, teas, beauty ingredients, and just to enjoy their fragrance and beauty. There are several different ways to design an herb garden, and each design is based on the reasons for which you are growing your new garden. Being able to create a versatile herb garden design that is able to work for each and every reason you are growing herbs for is the smartest way to grow and makes it quick and easy to gather the herbs you need.

Versatile Herb Garden Design tips and tricks you need to know

Use these tips to create a versatile herb garden design that will fit into any reason you have for growing herbs at home. Being able to move away from more traditional designs gives you more control over what is grown and how well you use the garden.


Mix Boxes and Containers

The type of herb garden you decide on will depend on the amount and type of space you have available to you, but it is a smart idea to mix in garden beds with containers. Garden beds allows you to grow a wide range of herbs in varying amounts, so if there are a couple herbs that you use or enjoy more, you should plant them in abundance in your beds. For herbs that you want to keep close at hand for cutting, or to adorn and decorate outdoor living spaces, containers are a great option. To create the most versatile space, try and include a mixture of both according to your gardening needs.


Use Unconventional Space

Most gardeners have a single gardening space and then try to fit as much in or pick and choose between the herbs and vegetables that they can grow. Instead of limiting yourself to one or two beds, use up unconventional space to create your herb garden. Just about any utilitarian space can be softened by the addition of plants, and you don’t have to try to add an entire garden to every space, just a few plants.  Check out our raised garden bed design where we used cinder blocks here.

Versatile Herb Garden Design

Mix Flowers and Garden

Some of the most versatile gardens combine flowers and herbs, and you might just need to tuck your favorite herbs into any flower gardens you grow in order to be able to grow everything you want this season. Herbs come in all types, and there is an herb for whatever growing space you have available in the garden– from ground covers to vines to bushy growers. Look at the areas in an existing garden that have space and branch out of the conventional herb garden designs you are used to seeing.


Pack Herbs for Maximum Growth

If you are limited on one bed, or have walkways and multiple beds to use, the best way to grow herbs is to pack in as many plants for optimum growth. Too many gardeners are afraid of adding too many plants and causing overcrowding, but when it comes to herbs, they do better when other plants are in the same growing space as they are. Create a low growing border with shorter plants or creepers, planting them closely together so that there is no space between each plant as the border grows. Behind them plant medium sized herbs in abundance, choosing the plants that you are more likely to use or enjoy, and making sure to mix in six to eight different varieties. In the last growing zone, plant the tallest herbs available to you, including vines and bushes which will give you the most versatile herb garden design combinations possible.

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