30 Day Plank Challenge #Fitness #Motivation

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30 Day Plank Challenge

I invite you to join me in this 30 day plank challenge!  I have a goal this month to strengthen my core muscles and what better way to do that than with some Plank exercises!  I thought a few of you would be interested in joining me on my journey!  So today, I am starting my plank challenge that will go for a full 30 days with rest days in between.

I am confident I can handle the first week but honestly, the second week has me a bit scared!  I have some amazing fitness trainers that I surround myself with and they all assure me I can do it!  Hey, if I’m determined, I know I can!  Besides,  we can do anything we put our minds too!

And so it begins!  Let’s start off with this 30 day challenge!  We have 2 different challenges. We have a beginner plank challenge and an advanced plank challenge! (see below) If you plan to do it along side me and need a bit of motivation or maybe you can give me some, just leave a comment and we will do this together!  I need all the motivation I can get!  I am putting it out here to show you my commitment to this challenge!  This will hold me accountable!  So go ahead,  leave a comment below and join this challenge and it will hold you accountable too!

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30 Day Plank Challenge for beginners

30 Day Plank Challenge

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  1. I’m working on being able to even do a plank. Any advice to make it easier or do I just keep plugging away? I weigh 290 but I’m also trying to work on that. I go to the Y everyday except Sunday for aqua exercise. As to the plank, I get in position and tighten to try to raise up. One of these days, I’ll get my body off the floor.

    1. Keep at it Sheila! Everyday you will make more progress. It’s really hard at first but you need to strengthen your core. I’m proud of you!!!

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