Be My Groomsman Printable Gift Idea #CuberoLuxury

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Be My Groomsman Printable Gift

Are you looking for a fun way to invite your friend to be your Groomsman?  I’ve got a super fun way to ask your buddies to be in your wedding!   Check out this fun Be My Groomsman printable gift idea!

Be My Groomsman Printable Gift Idea

There are so many ways to invite someone to be part of your special day but I’m kinda bored of all the mustache questions out there so I decided to come up with something a bit different.  I can up with this idea when I was shopping at my local Walmart store.  I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while and some how it came to me when I was picking up my cereal and beef jerky!

Be My Groomsman Printable

I saw a new pack of Cubero Cigars in a handy box and immediately thought how perfect it would look with a printable invitation on it!  I love the uniqueness of the cigars besides, it always seems like you have them at special occasions such as baby showers so why shouldn’t a wedding gift be any different, right?!

Cubero® is a high quality tobacco product in the cigar industry.  It was developed by Lane Limited (USA) representing a wide variety of tobaccos that are known for their flavorful qualities.  I love how this high quality impression will lead into my wedding invite gift idea.  I think it gives a special touch with known quality.  It also helps that they are totally affordable too.  Cubero® Cigars make a great gift for fathers, father-in-laws, brothers, co-workers, or friends who smoke luxury cigars.  So I ran with my Be My Groomsman printable gift idea!

Be My Groomsman Printable Gift Idea

Take a look at how fun this project turned out with a simple printable!

Be My Groomsman Printable Gift Idea

I was able to fit two printables on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  We used a thicker paper than usual to give it a formal feel and look.  It came out great!  Everyone loved them!

You can grab this free printable here:  Be My Groomsman Printable



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