Ditch that Home Phone Bill! Get Home Phone Service for FREE!

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How would you like to NOT PAY for a home phone service!!! I already taught you how to Ditch your cable and still have awesome tv options! Now it’s time to ditch the home phone bill too!

Most people have already switched to the Cell phone only method but for those of you (like me) that are stuck on having a home phone and a cell phone this article is for you!

Here’s a handy device called the Obi110 Voice Service Bridge. In very non-technical terms it uses a router an spreads a signal throughout your house using your existing router and you use Google Voice (which is a free service for US calling but charges a very small amount for international calls) and voila! You have a home phone with no monthly bill!

The device does normally run about $85 on Amazon but it’s on sale right now for $50! Now this would be the only cost you would have for a home phone option.

Here’s a link to the Obi110 I found on Amazon:

Product Details:

  • Works with Google Voice for FREE calls to the USA and Canada to 2012 – Great international rates too!
  • VoIP ATA and Gateway Supports Analog Line, GV and SIP Services; Callcentric, Sipgate, Vitelity, Voip.ms, etc.
  • Make free calls on the OBiTALK Network – Connect to other OBi Devices or use the free OBiON for iPhone application or OBiAPP for your PC.
  • Some of the OBi110 Calling Features: Call Forward, Caller ID ? Name – Number, Anonymous Caller Blocking, Message Waiting Indication – Visual and Tone Based
  • OBiTALK Portal Features: Manage Your OBi, Connect to Your Friends’ OBi Devices, Add Services, Download Apps for PC, Speed Dial Up to 99 OBi Endpoints or Phone Numbers
So go ahead, DITCH that home phone service and never pay for your phone service again!!! 

Happy Savings iSavers!

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