End of Year Teacher’s Gift Ideas

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Teacher's Gift Idea

Teacher’s Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for a few teacher’s gift ideas you’ve got to see this one!  This one was made by my friend Yvette.  Isn’t she crafty?!!  I love the display of this gift but I love it even more because it’s packed with items that every teacher needs!


Here’s how she made this beautiful Teacher’s Year End Gift Idea:

I got 3 cardboard circle boxes from Hobby Lobby.

I glued the lid to the boxes to the bottom of the next box.

I wrapped the boxes with red ribbon, our teachers favorite color and wrapped the side of the lids with Dr. Seuss ribbon.

Next we filled each box with goodies.  This would be a perfect opportunity to add your teacher’s favorite items.

After stacking the boxes, we glued the items on it.

Note:  It took me a few tries, I had put the markers on the 2nd box but doing that covered the things on the top box & you could barely see the apples.

Savings Tip:  I got the apples and the actual school supplies at Walmart, they were half the cost there vs Hobby Lobby.  Or if you are a couponer you probably already have a stockpile of school supplies you can use 😉

I had planned on wrapping ribbon around the markers to them help hold them but I ran out. It is a cute idea to do though.

I attached some of the photos of while I was putting it together. You can see on the last two the difference with where the markers are. Had I had another pack of markers I could’ve put them side by side again.

Year End Teacher's Gift Ideas


Of course there are countless ways you could make this and specialize to your favorite colors & themes.

In the middle box is an inspirational book with a bookmark I made from one of my favorite laminated pictures of my daughter.   We also wrote on the inside of each box lid to give it a personalize touch!


Teacher's Gift Idea



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