How to Lose Weight in Two Weeks

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How To Lose Weight in Two Weeks

Have you ever asked yourself how to lose weight in two weeks? Surely, you have had an event, party or even vacation on the horizon that made you really wish you could safely lose a few pounds and fast. While a diet of nutrient dense foods and regular exercise is the best way to lose weight, there are a few safe ways to drop weight fast for something special coming up. Just remember, that any time you start a diet you want to check with your doctor to make sure you are doing so safely for any medical conditions you may have.


How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks

One of my favorite ways to lost weight was with the 3 Day Military Diet I tried recently.  It’s a 3 day on, 4 day off type plan.  No crazy exercise schedule but a very strict diet.  I was very hungry but I did lost 7.5 pounds doing it.  I have friends that have tried it and lost 10 pounds!  Head over here to see the full meal plan for the 3 Day Military Diet.

Here are some other ways to drop some pounds in two weeks too.

Do a juice cleanse. There are tons of over the counter juice cleanse options, but they often aren’t safe for use. Instead, juice your own fresh fruits and vegetables. There are many cleansing and detoxing fruit and vegetable juices that are great for feeding you the nutrients that you need while eliminating empty calories, and helping to detox your body. Usually juice cleanses are only safe to do for 3-5 days at a time before you add back in other sources of nutrition. One of the most prominent problems with a juice cleanse is upset stomach. This is typically normal and due to the lack of fiber when juicing. As long as you are not seeing blood in stool or getting dehydrated, it is okay to continue for a few days.


Get rid of empty calories. One of the fastest and easiest ways we have figured out how to lose weight in two weeks is to rid your diet of empty calories. Two of the most common sources of empty calories are soft drinks and flavored coffees. These may be a favorite treat, but can easily pack in an extra 250-1000 calories a day if you are drinking a lot of them. Drop these and take your coffee black, or drink water instead.


Cut out carbohydrates and sugar. A low carb and low sugar diet has been proven time and again to be a great way to drop weight fast. Realistically dropping any item from your diet plan will help you to drop weight fast, but these two tend to work against your body and make you gain weight. Ridding yourself of carbohydrates and sugar is a great way to jump start you body to lose weight. Cutting back and eating a menu of vegetables and proteins only for a couple of weeks is a great way to lose weight fast.


Eat 5 small meals per day. Sometimes portion control is our biggest problem. Eating 5 small meals per day instead of the traditional 3 larger meals can help you feel satisfied throughout the day without adding tons of food to your diet. His is often a great way for people to feel full while cutting back on fat, carbohydrates and other high calorie foods to lose weight.


Increase exercise. Ultimately, eating less and exercising more is the best method of losing weight. If you want to lose some extra weight fast, this is one of the best ways to go. Knowing how to lose weight in two weeks safely means you will decrease your caloric intake and increase your exercise. Add an extra session at the gym, pick up the cardio a bit more or even take a jog instead of a walk to boost your metabolism and burn more calories thus lose more weight.


If you find yourself asking how to lose weight in two weeks in a healthy way, then these tips are perfect for you. Get started today toward that goal for your upcoming event, party or vacation

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