How to Save Money When Your Kid Plays Baseball

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How to Save Money When Your Kid Plays Baseball

Another school year is about to wrap up, which means that summer break is right around the corner. This also means that sports are picking back up, and your wallet is about to take a hit on summer activities, to keep the kids busy.  Baseball is one of those sports that is about to begin, but there is no need to drain your wallet on gear and enrollment fees. Follow these great tips on saving money when your kid plays baseball.

Skip the Name Brands

When your kiddos are little, some things really do not matter much, like what brand of clothing they are wearing, or what brand their sports gear is. Your kids will not know the difference.  Do your wallet a favor and when you are out purchasing new baseball gear for your kiddo, whether it is attire or new baseballs, skip over the pricey baseballs with name brands printed on them.

Find a Sponsor for Your Child’s Team

Many little leagues will cut you a break in your enrollment fee, or even allow you to register for free if they have someone to sponsor a team. Of course, the sponsor will be footing the bill, but if you know someone with a business that is looking to get their name out there, sponsoring a baseball team is a great way to get noticed, if they are willing. Who wouldn’t want to avoid that hefty signup fee? Not to mention, when a company sponsors a baseball team, it really builds community. It shows that the businesses and the people can work together, to give youth something that will help them develop into great citizens of the community. 

Sign Up Early

Have you ever had so much on your plate that you missed the deadline to sign up for baseball? Often times, you can still sign up, but you will be charged a late registration fee. Instead of risking this happening, be sure to sign your little one up early, if you know it is something they have their sweet, little heart set on. And sometimes you may even get lucky with early signup discounts!

Shop the Big Stores

You can shop second hand and get an okay deal on second-hand stuff. However, sometimes you need new stuff and the second-hand store doesn’t have what you need. This is when you look to the big box stores to give you what you need. Shopping the Big Stores, like Dick’s Sporting Goods, will give you the best deals. We’re talking coupons galore! You can literally buy one thing at a time, using a coupon, until you have everything on your child’s baseball list.

Start Shopping Early

You can really save on baseball gear by shopping early. As soon as this baseball season is over, hop on over to all the stores to check out their clearance. You may get a head start on next year’s baseball pants, socks, and cleats.  You just cannot beat buying marked down baseball gear, especially when you know what it costs to buy the baseball gear on an average day.

Volunteer in the Concessions

When your kiddo plays baseball, there is one way you can save money. You most likely pay a concession stand fee, when you sign your child up. You can earn this fee back by volunteering in the concession stand at your baseball park. Of course, each baseball park is different, but it never hurts to ask if this is the policy at your baseball park.

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