Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath Craft Idea

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Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag WreathRed, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath Craft Idea

I love decorating our home for the 4th of July so it’s no surprise that I would have a Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath at my front door!  I might go a bit overboard though with with table decorations and red, white & blue salt shakers though.  I have to make cute little desserts just like these Red, White and Blue Brownie Bites too.  Nah, it’s fun though!

I live in the country so not many people (except friends that visit) get to see my front door.  My house cannot be seen from the street at all.  I decided to make a wreath for my front gate and one for my front door.  These wreaths are super simple to make and don’t require any sewing what so ever!  I would say on a scale from 1 to 10 and 1 being the easiest, this project is definitely a 1!

Here’s what you will need to make the Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath:

Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Here’s how to make the Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath:

First, start by cutting all of your bandana colors in half.  The have a crease in the center so it’s easy to run your scissors along the line to cut them.

Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Remove any tags from your 18 inch metal wire mesh wreath.

Start with the red and white bandanas first.  You will kind of roll up the bandana longways and create a loop around the wire wreath and then pull the ends through the loop you just made.  The ends of the bandana will be facing the outside of the wreath as shown in this photo.  Continue doing this whle alternating the red and white colors until you have added all of them to the wreath.

Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Now do the same steps above but with only the blue bandana strips you have left.

I decided to add stars to my wreath.  I added those self sticking foam stars that sparkle.  This will go on my front door and it won’t be in the weather so it should be fine.  You can find some star buttons or metal stars at the craft store if you prefer to use those instead.  You will need to glue them on with a glue gun.

Once you’ve completed your wreath and added all your stars, it’s time to hang it!  This wreath is much lighter than other wreaths I’ve done.  I was able to grab one pipe cleaner and hang it on the back of the fence post.  It holds up nice and tight.  I can imagine you could use a command hook too since it’s not that heavy at all.

This is a pretty inexpensive project too.  You can find the bandanas on Amazon for just under a dollar, at your local craft store or even at Walmart.  They are pretty easy to find.  The 18 inch wire mesh wreath you will definitely have to get at your local craft store or you can order the wire mesh wreath on Amazon.  When you don’t have a craft store near you, home delivery is awesome!

Things I’ve had to discover here on the ranch…  goats love anything new.  You cannot hang a beautiful wreath within their reach because they will try and eat it!  Those bright red, white and blue colors are hard to resist if you are a goat.  lol!


Update:  I did have to go back and trim down the ends of each bandana that were sticking out because they were too long and started to droop a bit.  Trimming them helps!  If I do this again I will make each bandana shorter to start with.
American Flag Bandana Wreath

Feel free to Pin It here for later:

Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

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  1. Just made this wreath and I love it! Wish I could attach my photo to show you! Thanks for the easy and fun project!

  2. This was so easy and plenty of ways to vary it to your taste! I rolled the bandanna halves to leave the ends pointed, which CHS ged the final look quite a bit! I love it though! Could only find star cupcake toppers to use, so just snapped off the sticks and glued onto fabric in random pattern🤩 thanks for sharing!

  3. I found if you just bunch them instead of rolling you wreath will be fuller and they won’t droop. 🙂

  4. Wire wreath and red and blue bandanas can be found at Dollar Tree. The bandanas are two to a pack for $1. Had to get white ones from craft store.

  5. Love this plan on making three wreaths. If I make for myself, I just have too make one for sister, and my daughter….

  6. LOVE THIS WREATH! My friend and I made several as gifts! Only thing is the bandanas flip forward after they hang on door for a bit? Suggestions ! Tried wire garland with mini stars weaving in and out but doesn’t hold all up??? Thanks for any help???

  7. thank you, mine was big and pretty I love it ! and on my daughters big door it was perfect ! she`s ready for the 4th of JULY ! THANK YOU again !

  8. I made mine with a pool noodle and sprayed stiffener on the bandanas because they were drooping on the top ones. I love this wreath! Next time I will try the wire wreath, pool noodles are hard to find.

    1. Hi! I usually stick up on pool noodles at the dollar store! They’re great for sticking inside your boots too so they don’t topple over in the closet! 🙂

  9. Was an easy project but I will use a 12″ wreath on my next one….this is huge and I feel like it needs something added to the center because there is too much air space. It is beautiful…just bigger than I wanted.

  10. This is so stinking cute! Great picture of the goat trying to eat the wreath, brilliant idea, thanks for sharing!

  11. This is one of the neatest wreaths I have seen for Memorial Day, 4th of July. I can’t wait to make it. Thank you for sharing this on FB.

  12. Made mine this weekend. Just have to add the stars. My only issue was that in order to get the bandanas tight enough I had to pull very hard and bent my wire wreath form. Still turned out pretty good I think! Going to get other colored bandanas and make different wreaths for the seasons.

  13. What size bandanas do you use for this wreath?? It is beautiful and I can’t wait to make a couple!! Thanks for sharing!!

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