Removable Wallpaper is a New Trend

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Removable Wallpaper is a New Trend

Wallpaper itself is on an upwards trend and the new removable wallpaper is something you definitely want to check out. When I think of wallpaper I think of the avocado green or mustard yellow decorated kitchens with busy wallpaper to match. This is NOT what I am talking about. I was pleasantly surprised to learn there are some fun new removable wallpapers that I am very interested in. I almost consider this to be a must have decorating tool. It’s easy and there are some super fun designs that fit almost every taste. The brand I’m referring to is called Tempaper.

Tempaper is proud to feature:

  • The first removable wallpaper to launch on the market in 2008
  • In stock and ready to ship within 1-3 business days
  • High-quality product with price ranging from $56-$125 per roll.
  • Great selection of over 90 metallic and textured designs
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Phthalate-Free, VOC-Free and Lead-Free
  • Only use water-based adhesive and inks
  • Patented, FDA-Approved, Certified Child Toy Safety
  • Certified by Women’s Business Enterprise and BBB

And with the on-trend surface designs as all the rage, easily update any room with either the Multi-Color Repurposed Wood  or the Weathered Wood design – both are an affordable $98 a roll! Sold as 1 double roll of 20.5 in. x 11 yds. = 56.37 sq. ft., Tempaper is also perfect for small DIY projects.

The first company to launch peel-and-stick wallpaper, Tempaper is a family-owned company that was founded in NYC by a group of set decorators. As trend-setting leaders in product and pattern design, Kate Szilagyi, Julia Biancella and Jennifer Matthews created wallpaper that reflected their unique and powerful synergy. Whether for a temporary or permanent decorating project, Tempaper is the must-have interior design tool!

Just look at what I did with the back splash area in my country kitchen.  The Repurposed Wood Tempaper really brought that country feel that I was going for in my kitchen.

Oh, and they also have a new line of Tempaper Tots just for the kids bedrooms too!

Here’s what you need to install Tempaper:

How to install Tempaper Removable Wallpaper:

First, clean the surface you plan to cover.  This part is extremely important especially since I was doing a kitchen area near my stove.  Be sure it’s completely dry before beginning.

Now measure out the area you want to cover.  This will require you to look at the design to see which way you want the pattern to go.

Cut out the exact measured area before applying the removable wallpaper.  This will save you from wasting it.

To apply to wallpaper simply fold back a small 2 inch portion of the backing and place it on the wall evenly.  Once it’s in place exactly where you want it hold the top part and pull own on the backing that you folded over and smooth out any air pockets as you go.  I found that smoothly down small areas as I go was extremely helpful in keeping it straight.

Tip:  If you have an air pocket you missed you can easily stick a pin in the center of the bubble to allow air to release from it.  It will not show once you press that area back down again.  Also, if you feel the need to remove the Tempaper to start over you can do that because you’ve cleaned the area before starting.  It does have a good adhesive back that will allow you to do this.

Tempaper almost reminds me of contact paper but it’s much stronger.  The adhesive to make it stick on the backing is also stronger.  The designs are amazing too!  The rolls I have are heavy!  I also found it real easy to match up the pattern design too.

The nice thing about this product for me is, I always like to change up my designs and colors.  This stuff will peel right off and I can apply a new color if I get sick of it.  It would not be as easy if I were to install a different type of back splash like tiles.  Once tiles are set you are pretty much stuck with it unless you want to take on a huge job and expense to change it.  I really like Tempaper for this reason.  You will definitely see more rooms in my home done with different designs.  My creative side is going crazy.

Now that I love the walls I really need to paint that tile back splash border to match.  The projects just never end do they?!

Here are a few before and after photos of our simple project:

Removable wall paper

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