How to Lose Tummy Fat Fast!

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Lose Tummy Fat Fast

How to Lose Tummy Fat


As age goes, one begins to wonder on, ‘How to Lose Tummy Fat?’ Guys call it gut fat.  This is one part of the body that cannot be toned down that easily. Tough there are no short cuts to lose the stomach bulge in a jiffy, there are a couple of things that will help and the following two ways will tighten and reduce the your tummy.  One of the secrets I talked about before was our popular Green Smoothie Recipes.


Eat and lose fat:

  • To trim down the stomach fat, including eatables such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables, lean fish and meat must be added to your daily diet.
  • Studies have shown that eating a group of grains rather than concentrating on just refined grains is a good solution towards a slimmer waist line. Avoiding refined carbs should also be followed.
  • Adding the right fat and oil, including mono/poly unsaturated fat is a good choice. Nuts possess Omega3 and 6 which is also needed to burn fat in the body.
  • One trick that most people don’t realize is that, eating frequently is a proven method to reduce fat from the body. Limited quantity meals eaten 5-6 times a day will keep you from getting hungry and helps you shed more fat.


Exercise to lose fat:

  • Though crunches will not be of much use if you are stuck with layers of fat, aerobic exercise is the way to a trimmer look.
  • Regular exercising for a period of an hr or so everyday will help you pump more blood and increase the heart rate, leading to banishing the excess fat.
  • Lifting weights is another technique which is sure to pay off. Dumbbells, chest presses, lat pull-downs and squats are also quite helpful.
  • Cardio and strength building exercises also help reduce stomach fat.


Shed that ugly fat by combining the two methods and you will slim down that tummy in no time flat.  Be sure to check out all of your articles on How to lose fat and keep it off here.

I am still struggling to lose some fat of my own.  This definitely helps me to write about my struggles.  I am hoping it helps someone else too.

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