10 Amazing Uses for Aluminum Foil

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The uses for aluminum foil are endless and it is quickly becoming the new go-to item for handymen and women everywhere. Here are ten more great uses!

10 Amazing Uses for Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil has long been known as being super diversified and this article celebrates that fact. Few people out there get full use out of this material because the actual uses are endless. For those that did not know, aluminum foil is kind of like duct tape for the creative minded. Here are 10 uses for aluminum foil that will probably surprise you and make your life a little easier:

Brighten Up That Soft Light

If you like to go camping, you are probably familiar with poor night lighting. Campfires are great and all but you can’t exactly put that in your tent. If you have a dim light you want to brighten, simply make a little curved wall of aluminum foil to place the light in front of. The aluminum foil will amplify the light source and spread the light nicely.

Make The Ultimate Planter

If you are planting something to keep in the window that loves light, but it seems to only get the light on one side, aluminum foil can help you. Simply line a box with aluminum foil on all sides and set the plant inside the box on your window sill. The aluminum foil will warm the plant evenly.

Get Your Ironing Done In Record Time

A little bit of aluminum foil tucked under your ironing mat and your clothes will de-wrinkle much quicker.

Speaking of aluminum foil, did you know they sell recycled aluminum foil now? You can get it right here on Amazon for all my green-loving friends.

Wash Your Difficult Pots

Aluminum foil works great as a scrubber for tough pots and pans. Some with special surfaces can be ruined, however. Take care to check before balling up your aluminum foil and scrubbing. On many surfaces, it will even take off the rust.

Save Those Pie Edges

If you are like most of us and burn the edges of your pies regularly, simply wrap the edges in aluminum foil before putting it in. The edges will cook evenly like the rest of the pie.

Get Those Scissors Cutting Properly

A quick and easy method to sharpen your scissors is to fold aluminum foil over several times and then cut through it with dull scissors a few times over. This will sharpen up even the dullest blades to an improved edge.

The Perfect Funnel

If you need a quick funnel solution on the road or around the house, simply form one with some aluminum foil. It holds shape quite well.

Catch a Fish

A bit of aluminum foil wrapped around a fishing hook makes a wonderful lure. The shiny surface will get you some bites for sure.

Add to Your Mulch

Mix in some aluminum foil bits on occasion in your mulch and you will notice that the critters will stay away. One little bit of aluminum foil in their “food” and they will avoid it at all costs in the future.

Make Really Cool Creative Art

If you have been looking for some really cool new ideas for your scrapbooking or art projects, think about the many ways you can incorporate aluminum foil. It is extremely pliable, shiny and fun to work with.

What exciting ways do you use aluminum foil?

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