How To Get Good Ketone and Glucose Numbers Fast!

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You starting tracking your ketone and glucose readings but you probably have a few questions.  What do these numbers mean?  What if my glucose number is still high and I’ve been doing keto for a few weeks?

These questions are very normal.

You will notice the longer you do the keto way of life the better your numbers will get!  I’ve been doing keto for more than 2 years and my numbers are fabulous, finally!

The time of day and what you eat before you test will also affect your numbers too.

How Long Should I do Intermittent Fasting?

I usually do a 36 hour fast once a week to guarantee the benefits of autophagy.  (Autophagy regenerates and cleans up old cells in our body!)

I do want to mention that the stricter I am with my keto diet, the easier it is to do intermittent fasting for longer periods of time.

If I have fallen off the keto plan, it tends to be harder to fast.

This is why tracking your progress is helpful.  Intermittent fasting is like a muscle you exercise on a weekly basis.  The longer you do it, the better you become at fasting.

I keep a bottle of pink Himalayan rock salt with me at all times when I am fasting.  There is just something special about sucking on a rock salt that helps me get through fasting.  Not only does it give my mouth something to do but it gives it a burst of salt flavor which helps your mouth not to feel dry too.  It’s a really good trick.  I highly suggest you give it a try.  I don’t travel without my rock salt.  That’s how important it’s become to me.

The longer you do your fasting number the better your numbers will get, and fast!  I start to see major changes in the 36 hour window.  Track your own numbers to see exactly when your ratios change during fasting to see when it benefits you most.

Which Meter Should I Use to Test My Numbers?

I’ve purchased the only two meters on the market that test both ketone and glucose readings in one machine.  I like them both equally.  Prices tend to fluctuate so I would make that my deciding factor if I had to purchase them again.

Keto Mojo Blood/Ketone Meter

Order here:

Fora6 Blood/Ketone Meter



Intermittent Fasting Hack to Help with Cravings and Hunger

I will tell you that if you are struggling with intermittent fasting and find that you cannot go without food for that long, here’s a hack.

If I fall off the wagon, I will use exogenous ketones from PerfectKeto to help keep the cravings down and boost my ketones numbers.

I normally don’t recommend exogenous ketones but if it means it will keep you on keto and give you a little crutch to help you in a time of need, then go for it!  It really does help.

I don’t do this often but do keep some on hand for the times I struggle.  Hey, no one is perfect, right?!

I always keep a bottle of the PerfectKeto Chocolate Exogenous Ketones base in my pantry.  You can order it here: and use promo code:  isavea2z to get an extra discount

Intermittent Fasting How to Get GOOD Ketone and Glucose numbers fast!

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