How to Lose Fat the Easy Way

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How to Lose Fat the Easy Way

To lose fat the easy way you must understand two things. 1) Do not get wrapped up in scientific facts because doing something mediocre is better than doing nothing at all. 2) No two bodies are the same. Remember that your body learns how to do things just like your brain with time. Nobody picks up a book for the first time and knows exactly how to read. Now lets get to losing weight!

The first thing to focus on is a healthy mind. Your biggest enemy when trying to lose weight is stress. Not only can it affect your diet, immunity and nervous system, but will physically ruin any type of results that you want to see. This is hard because we deal with stress everyday and there is no way to avoid it. However, there are ways to manage it. One of the greatest techniques I’ve learned is what’s known as box breathing taught to Navy Seals in training. The pattern is to breathe in for 5 seconds hold that breath for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds and again hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this anywhere from 3-4 times. Perform this several times throughout the day and before going to bed in a quiet environment. So now that we beat your enemy its time to move on to your ally. Setting goals is a necessity. Keep a journal or log and write an overall goal for yourself. Then during the time leading up to that goal have smaller more achievable goals. This will help keep you determined on what you want to ultimately accomplish. Setting unrealistic goals is how people quickly lose interest in going to the gym. Countless times I’ve witnessed people idol someone they want to look like, exercise for two weeks and never set foot in the gym again.

The next and most important part is diet. They say 20% of your results are from the gym and 80% come from the kitchen! There are over a million diets out there, but I will give you what you need in the simplest form. Many people think eating less will result in weight loss, but its actually eating more throughout the day in small portions that will increase your metabolism. Cut out breads, rice, and sugars and focus on vegetables, and proteins found in chicken breast and any white fish. Lastly drink water like a camel. This will be your best source of detox.

The key to exercising for weight loss is to keep the heart rate fluctuating. By that I mean any type of interval training. As long as you are not doing one exercise at one pace for a long period of time you are interval training. Finally keep the volume and intensity high at all times. There are plenty of great interval workout plans so do not get caught up in the science “facts,” if you find one you like stick to it and you will see results.

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