Good Foods To Lose Fat

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Good Foods to Lose Fat

Good Foods to Lose Fat

Eat lots of good types of foods to lose fat. Are you surprised? Don’t be. As much as you would love to hear that your ‘only water and fruit’ diet works out, let’s face- it really doesn’t! I have had good success with our green smoothie recipes.  But (there is always a-but!), you can lose much weight by eating some of the healthy food- the right kind in the right quantity, that are meant to shed that ugly flab. Here are some of the ‘must-buy’ food ingredients to be added to your shopping list.


  • Whole grains: In order to break down these grains, the body needs twice the energy thereby burning twice the carbs. Oatmeal and fiber-rich grains are special category grains that require even more energy.
  • Juicy Meat: 30% of the food’s calorie content is burned during the digesting process itself that’s to the high thermogenic effect on protein that is present in plenty in chicken breast, meat etc.
  • Dairy Products: To maintain a robust mechanism, dairy products rich in vitamin D and calcium is necessary to maintain the muscle mass.
  • Green Tea: Green tea contains a compound that quickens the metabolism process. Up to 4 cups a day can be taken and will result in shredding of 6 pounds at the end of two months.
  • Apples: A nutrient-rich apple a day keeps fat away. Eating an apple 20 minutes prior to a meal will reduce the calorie content of your meal.
  • Hot peppers: Spice up your meal with a dries, raw, powdered or cooked capsaicin which heats up the body, melting more calories in the process. Try eating them with this amazing Homemade Hummus recipe too!
  • Pulses:  Soya/ kidney beans and legumes are loaded with vitamin B, iron and fiber that are needed to keep a regular bowel movement. It also peaks the nervous system function that eventually increases metabolism.


Eat more of the good foods to lose fat when you choose the right carb-burning choices in your every day diet.

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