Keto Constipation Cure that WORKS!

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I have a Keto Constipation Cure that WORKS!  It’s been personally tested by me!

Let’s talk about something that not everyone wants to talk about.  Keto constipation.  The struggle is real!  When you are faced with this problem you want an immediate solution and you want it to work.  Dr. Boz gave me a hack that helps cure constipation and I just couldn’t help but share it with the keto community.  I get asked all the time for this type of advice.

I think it’s also really important to say that Dr. Boz herself has tested this with a blood glucose and ketone meter with many of her patients and none of them reported a spike in insulin!  That’s super important!

Tip:  This is the Keto Mojo blood glucose/ketone meter I personally use and would recommend.





Keto Constipation Cure Technique

Take 1 tablespoon of raw chia seeds with a full glass of water (or two).  This is the exact brand of chia seeds I used:  Chia seeds on Amazon

Continue to take 1 tablespoon of raw chia seeds with water for every hour until you are able to go to the bathroom.

The more water you drink, the better because the seeds expand and become slimy. You can do a test yourself to see how these seeds bulk up when added to water. Place a spoonful of seeds in a glass of water and you can see a change in as little as 15 minutes.


Why do I get constipated while doing the keto diet?

The reason you are getting constipated is fully explained in the video but a simple explanation is that you eat way less food on the keto diet and your bowel needs bulk in order for the muscles to work properly.  Your body will adapt to your new keto lifestyle but it might take a little time.  This is the perfect constipation hack to help you during this transition.


You can watch the video replay here:


You can read the video transcribed here:

Jennifer Marie: The biggest thing that I do is, in support of the community I sent out weekly meal plans for free with recipes, shopping lists and a meal plan for the week. It’s basically how my family plans for the meals. If you’re not on the list, you might want to get on the list. You can add your email to and that’s, adding your email to my list, be sure to confirm it. That will get you the Friday email with all the freebies that I send out. But the reason why I’m telling you this or the reason why I’m reminding you, if you’re not on the list, is because sometimes I send very helpful free downloads, printables, stuff that helps you on your journey. Get on the list because I have something in the works that I hope to have done next week but it might be the week after. That’s just a teaser for what’s coming. But if you’re keto it will help you.

Jennifer Marie: Okay, let me just tell you Dr. Boz, I don’t know, I don’t remember, we talk so much that I don’t remember if we did a live on this, I think we might have but let’s talk constipation for just a minute because it’s a struggle, the struggle is real and especially when you’re switching your diet it seems like a very normal thing to get constipated. You had a brilliant tip and you had told, I think it was me, I don’t know it could have been somebody else but you told, the plan for constipation on keto, the tip that you gave was to take a spoonful of chia seeds, down it with some water and do it for every hour until you go.

Dr Boz: Right.

Jennifer Marie: I might need you to explain first of all why this is good. The thing that I remember that you told me is that you’ve done lots of testing on this and it does not spike your blood sugar, it does not affect you because it doesn’t even digest in your system, it just basically goes through you but the reason why it helps is because it creates bulk in the colon and it helps you to go. Did I say that right? Is that everything?

Dr Boz: You play a doctor on television, don’t you? Perfect, that’s exactly the right answer. You look at how can you use medications to help people with constipation. Those strategies are to either whip the muscles to [inaudible 00:04:02] the colon or to stretch the muscles. A better answer on keto, the reason they’re not going when they first go keto or if they step up their game is that the bulk of their food is so much less that they’re not stretching their colon, which then it doesn’t have a signal that their body is so used to that way of eating. It will reprogram. Your body is an amazing, amazing how well it will respond. It can definitely unsettle, I’ll say it not nicely unsettle people. God forbid if they have diverticulosis.

Jennifer Marie: Yes. My husband has diverticulosis and the minute I mentioned a seed he’s like, “Nope, nope. That will not happen. I am not taking a seed. I know that it will cause a flame up.” I text Dr. Boz she’s like, “Fake news, fake news.”

Dr Boz: Right. If you look at, first of all pretty much everybody over the age of 45 has some diverticula. Diverticula are little out pouchings that happen when your colon has been under stress and the wall has a weakness. It’s kind of like a tiny baby balloon that kind of puffs out. Once you stretch it out, sometimes it goes and recoils back to its normal look but sometimes it stays there. If you collect a lot of those little out pouchings, you can have danger. In fact, if you have read the book, most of you have read the book Any Way You Can, Grandma Rose’s problem that originally sparked her health, hospital was diverticulosis where one of those little out pouchings got an infection in it. That’s what John is worried about, that’s what patients are worried about. There is an urban myth that if you put seeds in there you’re going to irritate the colon. But it’s just such a minor part of the equation that really you’re just sending fear through the patient without giving them a strategy of how to do this.

Dr Boz: What you want is you want a [inaudible 00:06:10] of stool to move through the colon and to not have little, you don’t want the seed to go in there and sit. Sure. We don’t want anything to go in there. How can you keep the pressure on the inside of the colon low enough and still move the stools along without getting it inflamed or irritated? That is a solid amount of bulk. On a keto diet you can find a lot of carbohydrates to get their bulk up. Especially during a transition they’ll give up. They’ll say, “I couldn’t do it. My bowels couldn’t handle it.” [inaudible 00:06:44] as you watch people go through the ketogenic diet, this is one of the major steps where I’m like, just prepare for this. Have those chia seeds in your house and if you never need them, great. But if you need them, one tablespoon every hour until you have a bowel movement. Essentially what you’ve done is you’ve stacked your colon full of bulk that doesn’t raise your blood sugar. As you do that-

Jennifer Marie: So-

Keto Constipation Cure that WORKS!

Dr Boz: Go ahead.

Jennifer Marie: John thought it’s going and expand and that did not happen. He was so happy. It took a few hours but it finally happened [inaudible 00:07:24] that worked. [crosstalk 00:07:28]

Dr Boz: Should I refresh? Looks good now.

Jennifer Marie: … Jean says that chia seeds cause her to get stomach pains.

Dr Boz: Make sure to take those chia seeds with a lot of water. That’s one thing. They’re kind of like tapioca, they do swell. That’s what we’re using, we’re using the chemistry as part of the equation and then if your bowels, I mean there’s a lot of changes that go on inside that bowel in the first couple weeks of keto. I would contend when you’re more of an advanced keto, maybe even a carnivore, that the volume of stool is so much less that you really have to kind of graduate into that level of eating. But what’s remarkable is how much stronger the slime layer becomes inside that bowel. That sounds really gross but it’s super important that your body protects itself with this slime layer, that’s how it lubricates the stools to move along. When you’ve had chronic inflammation, which so many of my patients have had on a low carb, excuse me on a high carb diet, that the chronic constipation is another place where that bowel is just swollen and the way it makes the slime-

Jennifer Marie: You know what? I think you do need to refresh because I’m having a hard time hearing you. Go ahead and refresh and just jump back into that link I sent you. Hopefully we can get Dr. Boz back on here as she jumps off for just a second. I hope everybody can hear me just fine. Sometimes we do have these connection issues but it was kind of crazy, John was really scared to take anything with a seed because he had been told by his doctor for so long, “You avoid seeds.” Even seeds as small as seeds for strawberries, broccoli that has the little tips. It can cause some serious issues when you have irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis. He was fearful to take it and he did take it. It worked like a charm. He didn’t have any issues when he did it. It worked fairly quickly too. It was very interesting that seeds did it. I love that it doesn’t spike your blood sugar.

Dr Boz: Yes. I’m back.

Jennifer Marie: Awesome, awesome. Let me answer some questions here because I think we missed a bunch as- [crosstalk 00:10:28]

Dr Boz: There was actually, way at the beginning that I want you to-

Jennifer Marie: Melissa says, “Do you take them raw?” Yes, literally he took a tablespoon, he put it in his mouth, he drank a whole cup of water and you have to drink a lot of water because if you ever put them, just put them in a cup with some water and you’ll see what they do. They become slimy, they expand I don’t know how many times their size but you really do need to drink a lot of water with it. Somebody said, “Do you recommend keto for people that have gallbladder removal?” I think we’ve done that one before, haven’t we?

Jennifer Marie: We’ve got, I was looking back at comments and I missed some. As we were talking about the chia seeds earlier, Melissa said, “I’ve used chia seeds as an overnight oats recipe” and yes, if you haven’t done that yet, I have, it tastes like oatmeal. You can eat it cold, you can eat it warm but there is actually a recipe in the Keto Friendly Recipes cookbook for that. It’s on page 17 and there it is. Absolutely delicious.

Keto Friendly Recipes Cookbook


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