Bunk Bed Hideout with No Sew Curtains

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Bund Bed Hideout No Sewing Project idea

Bunk Bed Hideout with No Sew Curtains

I just love an easy project with no sewing involved, don’t you?  I just purchased a wooden bunk bed at a garage sale for only $50!  My neighbor says his daughter was done with a bunk bed and just really needed it gone.  I’ve been pricing these all wood bunk beds for a while now and found them in the price range anywhere from about $400 (without stairs) all the way up to $1,700!  I would say I got a steal of a deal.  My first thought was to grab my homemade chalk paint recipe and get to work.  Lord knows I’ve done plenty of chalk paint furniture projects already.  This time I decided to do something a bit different.

I opted for the curtain idea because my daughter is always trying to find little “hideout” places to read and get away.  I think it helps her concentrate more while reading honestly.  She has been hanging a heavy blanket over her bed rail to make a fort for almost two weeks straight now.  The problem was at night she would get all sweaty from low air circulation in her fort.   Every night after she would go to sleep I would head into her room to open her tented area.  Oh, the worries of a mother.  Not only that but her blanket would fall because it’s so heavy.

That’s when I decided a sheet would work perfectly!  It would still give her the privacy she wanted but it would be thin enough to allow air to circulate too.  I purchased a king sized flat sheet in the color that matched her decor.  I also purchased a curtain rod that was 84″ wide.  I cut the ends of the top of the sheet to open up the fold to allow the curtain rod to hang in that fold.  I hung the curtain rod with a little help from my hubby’s Dewalt drill and quickly had it up.   Not without one issue though.  The wooden bed ends stick out a little bit from the center of the bed rail on the top bunk.  I had to find a way to mount the middle bracket of the curtain rod to that the curtains wouldn’t droop.  I ended up using risers or maybe they call them bolt spacers.  They look just like this here on Amazon.  They really helped to keep the curtain rod level and straight against the bed frame.  Worked like a charm!

Tip:  I used a curtain rod with a hook just like this one on Amazon but I wanna say I only paid about $7 for one similar to it at Walmart.

After the curtain rod was up I cut the sheet down the middle and hung it on the rod.  The sheet was way too long but I had to hang it to see exactly how long I needed it to be.  Once it was hung, I took my scissors and cut a tiny line at the end right were I needed it cut.  Then I grabbed both ends of the sheets and tore the slight I just made.  By doing this it creates a perfect line.  There’s no way I could have cut that perfectly straight so this is an excellent tip if you are the same way.  Once I finished tearing off the bottom part of the sheet on the first panel I lined up the length to the second panel and repeated the cutting process so they would match perfectly.  Again, it worked like a charm!

Here’s the hard part.  The sheet I just put up was wrinkled.  Ugh.  It looked amazing but I couldn’t stand the wrinkled look.  I took it down and threw it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out.  (Tip:  do this before you start to make the curtains to save yourself time by not having to hang the curtains twice like I did)

I ended up using the remainder bottom part of the sheet for the side of the bed.  She wanted no light in her hideout what so ever.  She has stairs on one end so I wasn’t worried about covering up the other end of the bunk bed because she never uses that side anyway.

Next, I completed this project with one strand of LED battery powered lights.  These are so cool!  They don’t heat up and you can turn them off or on with the push of a button.

I have gained so many Mommy brownie points with this project and it only took me about 10 minutes to complete it!  She uses her space every single day!  EVERY DAY!  She absolutely loves it.  I could imagine this would be awesome for a boys room too.  Could you imagine having a Minecraft hangout area with green sheets and a black creeper face on the sheets!  Or maybe you could grab some of the Minion sheets sets or even Hello Kitty!  The possibilities for creativity are endless.

As a Mom though, there are a few really good reasons I love this idea.  First, she heads straight to her hideout area when she gets home to complete her reading for the day.  I love that!  I don’t even have to remind her to read anymore.  Second, and this is bad, but I love that I can just shut that curtain on the days she forgets to make her bed.  I don’t have to see the mess!  Sad huh?!  But I love that.

Bunk bed hideout made with no sew curtains and with lights


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