Reuse Old Tires

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Reuse Old Tires Ideas

Reuse Old Tires

Who would have thought if you reuse old tires you would actually have a nice piece of art or a masterpiece even?!

I found a few ebooks that also inspire if you like to reuse and recycle items but this one is my all time favorite!

1000 Iddeas for Creative Reuse
1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew (1000 Series) as seen here on Amazon!  You should see the ideas for clothes!  Stunning!

I was totally inspired when I saw some of these very unique ways to reuse old tires!  Check these out!

Tire Bike Rack

First photo is a tire bike rack made from old tires.  Simple dig them into the ground but have them stick out half way up to create a wedge just big enough for it to support the weight of your bike.  How cool is that?  (Author/Designer unknown)

Tire Bird Feeder

How clever is this old tire turned into a tire bird feeder!  They cut the tire to make it look like a giant sunflower, painted it yellow with green accents and filled the middle with bird seed!

Tire Ottoman

Turn an old tire in to a rustic looking round tire ottoman!  All you need is a plywood, rope and super glue!  You would have to cut a piece of plywood in a circle a tad bigger than the opening of the tire.  Glue it on.  I would imagine you would need some industrial strength glue for this part.  Then decorate it with rustic rope!  I love it!

Children’s Play Area

Round up a bunch of different sized tires, paint them bright colors and fill them with dirt to create a neat little children’s play area made of used tires!  Not only are you saving the environment but you are giving those kiddos a play to climb and bond with a little bit of exercise too!  FUN!

Tire Retaining Wall

Do you have a place where you need a retaining wall?  I have a slop in my yard where I can see this would be fun to incorporate!  This photo shows the used tires stacked pretty high.  They ended up painting them green to blend in with the existing yard work.  I personally think this would be a fun area if it were a bit smaller and slopped up a hill.  You could leave openings with dirt inside the tires and plant beautiful flowers in them too!

Tire Chairs

Look at this cute little seating area with different colored tire chairs.  You will need an electric sting saw to cut them tires but these tires are a really neat design if you are up for the work!  I love the different colored paint options too!  Wouldn’t that be neat to see these chairs at a tire shop?

Tire Rocking Horse

Wow!  To be a kid again!  Look at this amazing tire rocking horse!  It’s made of a half tire with a board screwed on the top and painted a cute color!  Kids would go crazy for this one!

Tire Swing

No backyard is really complete until you have a tire swing!  Why not make your own out of an old tire.  The hardest part is finding a tree big enough to old your swing!  This project requires a few nuts and bolts with a bit of red paint and a long chain!  Definitely do-able!

Tire Planters

I would imagine you would need some small tires to make these hanging tire planters.  Just hand an old tire on the fence, fill it with dirt and add flowers! Voila!  Instant masterpiece!  I would add a bit of color to your project on this one to give it a little extra character too!

More Tire Planters

Instead of hanging the tire planters just stack them up!  Add a bit of color to give it a pop too!  This garden is absolutely beautiful!  Don’t you think?!

Dining Room Table or Patio Set

Okay so I probably wouldn’t use this as a dining room table but I definitely think this is very creative!  I could easily imagine this to be a patio table for sure!

What are you inspired to do with your old tires???  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling crafty!


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