DIY Halloween Lanterns

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DIY Halloween Lanterns

DIY Halloween Lanterns

Check out these DIY Halloween Lanterns!  These are one of the cutest and easiest Halloween decorations I’ve ever attempted to make!  These are made from the small mason jars.  Yeah know, the kind you can find at the dollar store.  They also call them jelly jars.  The kids will have fun with this craft project too!

Here’s how to make the DIY Halloween Lanterns


  1. Small Mason or Jelly Jars (just like these I found on Amazon)
  2. Tissue Paper (I found the best deal here on Amazon)
  3. Glue
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Black Permanent market (like a sharpie)
  6. Tea lights



Take all the lids off of the jars.  Put your glue in a bowl.  Tear the tissue paper into small sizes.  Paint the glue onto your jar.  Stick the tissue paper onto the glued portion of the jar.  Paint on top of the tissue to make it stick if you have too.  Once you’ve covered the whole jar let it sit and completely dry.  I would let it sit for a few hours.  Once it’s completely dry, draw your face onto the jar.  Place a tea light inside and Voila!  Instant Halloween decoration!  If you need some help with Halloween faces, be sure to check out our 25 free and printable Halloween Pumpkin carving templates post here.  It will be a big help in giving you face ideas for your lanterns.

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DIY Halloween Lanterns collage

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