Do It Yourself Patriotic Crafts

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Do It Yourself Patriotic Crafts

Do It Yourself Patriotic Crafts Round Up

July 4th is fast approaching and it is a definite time to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation.  Why not take some time to make some fun do it yourself patriotic crafts, either to decorate your home during this time or for a fun activity for your kids to enjoy together.  This round up of Patriotic crafts includes both kid friendly and adult friendly crafts.  All are on the easy end of the difficulty scale and don’t require a great deal of time or difficult to locate supplies.  You should be able to find what you need at a local crafts or retail store.  Enjoy creating the following crafts to celebrate the 4th!

Patriotic Tshirt –  Kids love creating something that they can wear that they did themselves.  This is a cute t-shirt idea that has easy to find supplies that won’t break the bank!

July 4th Wreath –  There are a good many awesome wreath ideas out there in blog land.  This one was one of my favorites.  It includes simple burlap and ribbon to make a beautiful wreath!

Patriotic Painted Picture Frames –  These would be a cute party favor for a get together or fun to make with your kids.  There are so many options for these frames.  This post even includes a cute downloadable printable.

Patriotic Banner – This is a knockoff of the Pottery Barn banner that you are sure to love.  You could display it for years to come during this festive time of year.  Itís not as hard as you think and will definitely save you some money.

DIY Patriotic Cozy –  Want to keep your hands from freezing when you’re enjoying that fresh lemonade this summer.  Create yourself these patriotic cozies and you’ll be set.  Arenít they adorable?

Patriotic Washi Tape Wreath – I couldn’t pass this one up because washi tape is so popular right now.  Look how easy this one is! And it is just too cute.

Patriotic Tin Cans –  These can literally be used for anything, from holding your cutlery at your backyard bbq to putting it on your desk for pens and pencils.  I am in love with them! They have so many great uses.

Patriotic Candle Ring Tutorial  – Want a decorative centerpiece for your 4th of July bash? Make this candle ring and it will be the perfect centerpiece that you can use in the future.

4th of July Crepe Paper Flag –  An easy project your kids can do with simple crepe paper.  They can then get creative to create some great decor for your July 4th party.

Quick and Easy Patriotic Wreath – Because there were so many great wreath ideas out there I just couldn’t pass this one up.  It is as the title states quick and easy if you just need a wreath and fast!

Do It Yourself Patriot Craft Ideas

I hope you enjoy these crafts.  Let me know which one is your favorite!

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