Coin Craft Necklace or Keychain (Pokemon Art Craft)

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 Coin Necklace Craft Idea

Coin Craft Idea

I tried a coin craft idea recently and I was impressed on the outcome!   We used nickels and quarters to make key chains and necklaces!  (The photo above is make with a quarter)  My daughter really wanted Pokemon so we created our very own Pokemon Art!

I can imagine these would also make neat charm bracelet charms too!  You could even spell out someones name too!  Take a look!

coin crafts

Items needed for your coin craft idea:

Artwork or a photo (we used old pokemon cards of her favorite characters)

Hole Punch (or a steady hand with a pair of scissors)  we used a 3/4 inch for the nickel and a 1 inch for the quarter.

Super Glue (this is carried at your local dollar store too)

Clear Resin (I used this brand and it turned our fantastic!  This will last you a long time too)

Round Bail Plates (these come in gold or silver)

Key chain or necklace string

coin key chain craft



First cut out (or use your hole punch) the design or photo you will be using.

Use the superglue to attach it to the nickel or quarter you are using.

Mix the Resin solution based on the instructions on the box.  (don’t do this until you are ready to apply it)

Add a very small amount to the coin (just enough for it to fill to the edges of the coin)

Wait 24 hours for it to completely dry.  Don’t touch it because it will leave a finger print on the resin (I speak from experience).

Once it’s completely dry, flip the coin over and super glue the round bail plate to the back side of the coin.

Now add it to a key chain or a Necklace Cord (many ideas here)

Old Pokemon Cards

Coin art

I hope you enjoyed this craft of yours!  We certainly had a blast doing it!

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