Oreo Elf Shoes

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Oreo Elf Shoes

Oreo Elf Shoes Party Idea


If you have little ones like me, then you are probably trying to come up with a cute gift idea for them to hand out at school for their school Christmas parties. I love doing these little gifts for the class, but I always try and do something most people haven’t seen before. Well……I stumbled on these Oreo Elf Shoes and fell in love! They looked fairly easy to do, the kids would love them, and they are SO ADORABLE! Now, I want to give you fair warning…if you’re doing a lot of these (like me) then it will take some time. But get your kiddos to help with cutting things out, handing you tape and tying them together.

oreo elf shoes


  • poster board or card stock – I used card stock because I wanted my elf shoes to be different colors.
  • tape
  • mint flavored or Winter Red Oreos
  • clear treat bags with ties or clear cellophane
  • paper with Christmas colors or pattern. I used left over wrapping paper that I already had.
  • small jingle bells – 1 per shoe
  • hole punch
  • ribbon and thread

oreo elf shoes

Step 1:

Stack your Oreos 7 or 8 high in the clear treat bags and tie bag at the top. I had regular sized treat bags so I put my cookies on one side and wrapped the extra around the cookies and taped it down. If you use cellophane, just roll it around your cookies, taping the sides and ends. You are basically making a package to hold the cookies.

oreo elf shoesStep 2:

Now you need to cut out all of your elf shoes and the fringe that goes on them. I got this fun idea from Quilt Taffy and you can get the pattern for these HERE. This part probably takes the most time to do. So this is where it would be great to have some little helpers.

oreo elf shoesStep 3:

Lay your elf shoe, good side out (the side with no pattern markings) and tape the fringe to it. You could also glue the fringe down, but then you would also have to wait for it to dry.

oreo elf shoesStep 4:

Now it’s time to put the Oreos in the shoe! First, I folded the shoe pattern in half and added a hole punch right where the curve starts. You can see where in the picture. This is preparation for the next step 🙂 Lay the shoe pattern fringe side down and place a stack of Oreos in the middle. You can do one piece of tape on the back of the cookie pack to attach the cookies. We went with one on each side just to be extra secure.

oreo elf shoesStep 5:

Now just fold your shoe together and use colorful ribbon to tie it together at the hole punch. This will hold the cookies nice and tight.

oreo elf shoesStep 6:

As a finishing touch, I added a small jingle bell to the tip of these Oreo Elf Shoes! This was a little tricky at first. You could always just do another hole punch at the tip and string the jingle bell on. I had a thick yarn darning needle (a fancy name for a bigger than usual needle) that used to make a hole towards the tip. Then I used embroidery thread to string my jungle bell and tie it to the shoe. Once I got my rhythm down, this actually went pretty fast.

oreo elf shoes

Voila!! Now you have some really cute Oreo Elf Shoes! The only other thing I am going to do is tie a tag at the top saying who they are from. Then they’ll be ready to hand out!


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