Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Wings made in an Electric Pressure Cooker

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Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Chicken WingsInstant Pot Recipes:  Honey BBQ Wings made in an Electric Pressure Cooker

I am on a roll with all these Instant Pot recipes!  First, we fell in love with our easy to peel hard-boiled eggs, then we made our famous Instant Pot Chicken and Stuffing recipe and now we had some Honey BBQ wings!  The guys around here love some bbq wings and I am happy to make them in a flash!

You don’t even have to worry about defrosting them either.  You can take them from frozen to done in no time.  I honestly think that’s one of the best things about the Instant Pot Electric Pressure cooker.  Do you know how many times I forgot to defrost some chicken for dinner?!  It’s not just that though…  People are busy.

The Best Instant Pot Chicken Wings

We just don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen.  Heck, today I was able to make a cheesecake in only 40 minutes!  Stay tuned for that recipe.  It’s gonna be a good one!

Honey BBQ Instant Pot Chicken Wings Ingredients

  • 1 cup of your favorite bbq sauce
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tbs fresh minced garlic
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 lbs chicken wings (frozen or thawed)
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • Optional:  1/2 teaspoon crushed cayenne pepper to add some heat


Honey BBQ Instant Pot Chicken Wings Wings Directions:

Add all the ingredients to the Instant Pot Electric pressure cooker.  Set the valve on top to seal.

Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Frozen chicken wings:  set pressure on high for 12 minutes or thawed chicken wings:  set pressure on high for 10 minutes

Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Quickly release the value on top until all the pressure has released.  Carefully remove the lid and place the cooked chicken wings on a pan lined with foil.

Baste them with some more bbq sauce.

Broil them in the oven on high for 5 minutes to allow the bbq to caramelize.

Turn the wings over, baste and then broil for another 2 minutes.

Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings


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Instant Pot Recipes: Honey BBQ Wings Recipe


I am in love with my new Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker and I plan to have lots more Instant Pot Recipes soon!  Cheesecake is up next!  Be sure to follow our Pressure cooker recipes Pinterest board here.



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  1. Seriously so good! I only swapped the 1/2c water with chicken broth. Only regret only making 2.5 lbs!!

  2. I made this last night. I have the Lux80 InstantPot. I used 4.3 lbs of Chicken drumsticks. I added a little more water and barbecue sauce then the recipe listed. I did it for 20 minutes on the meat/stew button (my pot doesn’t have a Chicken button). I then did a quick release, put them on a pan, basted with more barbecue sauce, then broiled 5 minutes each side in the center of oven on high broil. I thought they were quite good, so did my family. My oldest son, who arrived for dinner quite late, said they didn’t have a whole lot of flavor, so I told him to add more barbecue sauce. In summary, I will be making these again.

  3. My husband just inhaled 2lbs of these wings! He said the meat slid right off of the bone and said they were the best wings he had ever had! I’m Vegetarian so am glad I could make him a Super Bowl snack that he loved so much without tasting for seasoning. I am already on my 2nd batch, thanks so much for this recipe!!

  4. I made these with my new instant pot a short time ago but instead of using an oven to finish them, I put them on my pellet grill, simply amazing!!!!

  5. Made this last night! The flavor was wonderful and the meat fell off the bone. I broiled them each side for about 5 mins and the skin was still soggy! Other than that, they were amazing!

  6. These wings were a huge hit! They must’ve been REALLY good because my family ate them up so fast, I didn’t even get to take a picture!

  7. How long does it normally take your Instant Pot to get up to temp for this? I am new as well and have had the thing on high (Set to 12) for more than half an hour and it still hasn’t begun to count down…. is this normal? I feel like I could have cooked them in the oven faster….

      1. With frozen wings, it can easily take 30 minutes or longer to build up pressure.
        And countdown will only begin when working pressure is reached.

        1. So….I put everything in. A little stream of steam was coming out. When the red button sunk, I thought that mean they were ready….so I quick released. The quick release was reading f o r e v e r. Then like 15 min later, I saw the counter turn to 15 (is showed “on” before). I was reading this blog, so didn’t figured out what was going on until the timer showed 9. I quickly turned the vAlbe back to SEAL but I fear I’ve released all of the pressure! I will open it once the counter finishes. But what should I do if they are not cooked?

  8. I just made these–turned out great! They definitely need the broiler or high oven at the end for more firmness. I forgot the W sauce–darn. Next time I’ll also add about 1/4 C of hot sauce. Yum!

  9. I made these last night but I just used regular bbq sauce and combined it with grape jelly. I followed the rest of the recipe to the letter and guess what? THE BEST WINGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Brand new Instant Pot and first recipe out of the gate for its maiden voyage. I can hear it bubbling inside, waiting on its innie to become an outtie and for the countdown to start!

    This is all my coworker’s fault, but at least he bout an UP at Kohls too so we can try out recipes together!

    Smells divine so far, can’t wait.

  11. I can’t wait to try these, I’m making them tomorrow. I have about three pounds of wings though, what should the time be then.

    Thanks 🙂

  12. I made this tonight as my very first instant pot meal. It turned out delicious! I made one slight adjustment and used 1/4 cup of brown sugar. Thanks for a great recipe!

  13. I’ve never commented on a recipe post before (usually print and run, ha!) but these are SO amazing, I came back to print a second time and mention how awesome they are. Use this recipe! 😀 Instead of making the homemade sauce, which I’m sure it’s great, I just used 1 cup of my favorite bottled barbecue sauce and went from there. Better than any restaurant, thank you! 😀

  14. Very tasty. This was my first cook in my new Instant Pot, and we both loved it. I used some leftover mustard-based barbecue sauce, and it was delicious! Wifey went form “where are you going to store this thing?”, to “We need to keep this out on the counter, so we can use it all the time!”

  15. I am going to do this tomorrow night but with chicken legs (it’s what I’ve got on hand). Do you think I need to increase the cook time at all? Thanks!

  16. Could you precook the wings a day ahead in the pressure cooker and put them under the broiler when ready to serve?

  17. My boyfriend and I made these tonight and we realized something…We didn’t make enough!! These ARE killer! OMG!! We were taking our sweet A%$ time eating them and almost wanted to cry when we reached the end of them. Thank you so much for discovering the “perfect” combination. This will be our go to BBQ sauce now.

  18. These were amazing. Meat just fell off the bones.
    Always looking for things to make in my instant pot

  19. I’m having a ton of trouble figuring out the settings on this thing. When you say “set pressure on high for 12 minutes,” what are the steps to do that? All I see are buttons that say “poultry”, “meat/stew’, etc. My wife threw out the instruction manual and I am having the darnedest time learning the settings.

    For example, a recipe with say “push the chicken button for 12 minutes.” So I push the “poultry” button, and after it pressurizes it defaults to like 20 minutes. I can’t find a way to select “high”, “medium” or “low” and set my own time. Whenever I try to use the manual button nothing happens. Every time I try to make something that should have a thick, gravy-like texture it comes out like water… I’m assuming me being too stupid to figure out the correct settings is the reason.

    You’re wings look great and I’d really appreciate any help you’d have to offer. I really want to get going with my instant pot.

    Thank you

    1. Brian,
      Boy do I know exactly how you feel. This machine was so overwhelming when I first started out also. When I say set pressure on high for 12 minutes, this means to press the manual button and them press the plus or minus button to adjust the time. By the way, that is an excellent question because I’m sure more people have the same confusion. Thanks for asking it!

      I tend to think of the buttons with labels such as poultry or soup names on them as quick settings. It sets the temperature for you. Anytime you want to adjust the temperature yourself, you use the manual button.

      Also, another thing to keep in mind and to help you understand a pressure cooker is this… The machine needs liquid to steam anything it cooks. The liquids will be watery. If you need a thick sauce you will add a thickener (such as corn starch) to the liquid after it has cook in the pressure cooker. This machine cannot make steam from a thick sauce. In this recipe you will see a lot of liquids with some sauce mixed in. This is enough for the wings to cook with flavor and the sauce is not too thick that it won’t create steam to cook it. After they are fully cooked, I put them on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven with another layer of bbq sauce (thick sauce) so that sauce can become caramelized and sticky just the way I like it on my bbq wings.

      I really hope this explanation helps you. If not, please email me at jennifer @isavea2z dot com and we can schedule a phone call if necessary. I really want you to love this pressure cooker as much as I do!

      Good luck and please, let me know how it goes.

          1. I would like to suggest watching How To videos on You Tube. That’s what got me started. I had borrowed my DIL’s and she didn’t give me the user manual so I searched the Internet until I found some videos. Good luck. It takes a little getting used to but well worth it. I bought my own IP last week and it sits on my counter all the time.

      1. Hi Jennifer!

        First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to help clarify this for me. I got it working exactly as you described, and now feel even more stupid after seeing how easy it was, lol! But yeah, those simple steps helped me get the settings I was looking for, and your description of looking at those additional settings as quick settings helped me understand them as well. I was too tied up in trying to utilize them exactly for what they’re listed as, and also wasn’t sure if I used my own times how that would affect whatever I was trying to cook.

        Also, thanks for your explanation on how to better understand the pressurization process. The two things I’ve made came out much closer (and faster) to how I would expect them to, so I’m going to attempt the more complex stuff.

        Your help is much appreciated!

      2. Can you help me with what setting to put mine on? Mine is an electric pressure cooker which i assume does the same thing, only different settings???

    2. I did the recipe tonight using legs and things – did it on 14 minutes. I used half the honey called for mainly because I ran out 🙂 – but also trying to watch sugars. It came out perfect! Falling off the bone…The BBQ sauce was pretty thin so I removed chicken and before basting I turned the IP to simmer and reduced the sauce. Then basted and put in a 500 degree oven on top shelf for 5 minutes. Came out perfect! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  20. Made this as my first instant pot attempt and it was phenomenal! Would love to see a post with how to size up the qtys! So delicious, we’d love to figure out how to make this for a crowd 😉

  21. If I double the recipe, do I also double the cook time? I’m new at this pressure cooker thing!!

    1. No, if you double the cook time it will more than likely over cook the wings. I would keep the same cook time or just add another 2 or 3 minutes. Check them when they are done.

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