Table Runner Craft Project Idea (and a ScotchBlue Giveaway)

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Table Runner Craft Idea(This photo was taken by Home Stories A to Z for ScotchBlue.)

Table Runner Craft Project Idea (and a ScotchBlue Giveaway)

As I gear up for the holiday season I start to think about simple and fun ways to freshen up the house look and decor.  You can give a room a whole new look with a splash of color.  One of my favorite color combinations are aqua and grey.  I love it!  The chevron patterns are hot right now too.  We found this table runner craft project idea that was originally done by Beth over at Home Stories A to Z for ScotchBlue that we thought was share worthy!   Don’t you just love how those colors look together?  Absolutely beautiful, yet simple and elegant.   Good job Beth!

She was able to create this amazing project for under $20.  Now that’s my kind of craft idea.  You can head over to Home Stories A to Z to get the full project details and step by step tutorial for this project.  I myself have used the ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector tape that she used and found it to be perfect for this type of project plus so many more.  You won’t ever see the paint seep through the lines and it’s perfect on cloth and furniture.  I actually keep stock of this stuff in my craft closet.  In fact,  I have a chevron pattern that I want to do on my next Chalk Paint furniture project I plan to do.  Be sure to check out our popular homemade chalk paint recipe found here with a few samples of our chalk paint furniture ideas.


ScotchBlue Giveaway

Not only did ScotchBlue send me 4 packs of tape but they are also offering up to give one lucky reader the same kit!  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell me what project you plan to do with ScotchBlue tape!  Easy, peasy!

This giveaway will end on September 16th, 2014 at 9am CST.  One winner will be chosen at random.  Good Luck!

ScotchBlue Giveaway




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  1. I would decorate my great granddaughters’ room. She lives with me and deserves a beautiful room for her 9th birthday!!

  2. We have a brand new house that needs every room painted! This would help us out 🙂


  3. Oh My Goodness, I have so many ideas for the scotch tape, I would decorate my favourite wine glasses buy putting a colourful strip of tape around the top rim of the glasses to match the colour table setting, I would do the same with plain candles and also the table runner idea, I would re decorate my glass storage jars with a strip of tape and then coloured pen with the contents of the jar written on it. I would also use this method in the garage, And I would cut out heart shapes to decorate my plain photo frames and to make hand made cards, oh and I have many more ideas, pleas pick me.

  4. We’re moving our grandson (who lives with us) into a larger bedroom and he wants me to paint it like I painted his current room which involves lot of……taping!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  5. I would start by using it to finish my sons Mario Brothers room. Then move on to restoring a chair in my daughters room.

  6. want to color coordinate craftroom drawer labels by holiday also t label largemayo jars fed with crafts too all sorted by color for the season need red/xmas orange/fall purple/easter yellow/summer

  7. I would use the Scotch Blue Tape to create a chevron pattern on the back wall of a doggie pad that I am creating for my pooky-dog from an old floor model television.

  8. My 84, (yes, eighty four) students at school do repurposing projects as their summative assessments. We go through so much tape it’s not even funny. I would take it to school.

    1. because you are a teacher using this product for activites and learning projects for your students. I would encourage you to contact the company with exmples of what you have already done and ideas and for what you would like to do in the future. Often times these companies will donate products to your classroom which would relieve some burden on your budget and possibly they would send you additional products to expand your prgram.
      bless you for teaching your students to think creativly. It reaches their minds much further than the project they are wrokin on. I know funding is tight and often teachers fund these projects from theirr own pocets. I hope this company has enough vision and care for our children to assist you. best wishes to you and your endeavors and bless you for the work you do to brighten our future through our children

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