Easy Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe

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 Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe

Easy Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe

OH my goodness!  My friend just shared with me her Easy Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe and I can’t wait to try it!  Your house will smell amazing in the process!  This recipe fits perfectly with our homemade gift ideas and I just had to share her work!  (Thanks April!)  She also mentioned that she makes Lemon, Strawberry, Wintergreen and any other flavors you want just by adding different flavors of oils to this recipe.  Let your creative side out and make your favorite flavor.  Here’s a Winton Candy Flavoring Set that includes Peppermint, Cherry, Cinnamon and Mint!   I’m tempted to test out a Cotton Candy Oil like this one I found on Amazon too.

Oil Buying Tips:  Experiment with oils you use.  I love Young Living Essential oils and I have tons of them that I am going to use.  There’s also a good selection of oils at your local Hobby Lobby store too.  You can always use the 40% off coupon on their app if they are full price.  Lastly, you can always could on Amazon to have a real good selection of Candy oils found here too.  I love my Amazon Prime and I always get my shipments in 2 days!

Ingredients Needed for Easy Cinnamon Rock Candy

2 cups sugar
3/4 cup white Kayro syrup
1 1/4 cup WARM water
Cinnamon Oil or extract (3 capfuls. More if you want it hotter. I just like the cinnamon flavor. I don’t want it hot.)
Red Food Coloring ( approximately 5 drops or so)

Directions to Make Easy Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe

Mix first 3 ingredients in a deep pan. Cook on medium heat and stir occasionally until candy reaches 300°.

Important:  You will need a candy thermometer. Once the liquid reaches 300° turn heat off but leave on stove.

Add cinnamon flavor and food coloring and mix well and really fast. It gets hard quick.

Pour on a GREASED (Pam) cookie sheet.  (It’s best to do this ahead of time to have it ready) The bigger cookie sheet you have the thinner the candy will be and it will cool quicker. The cookie sheet will be extremely hot so don’t touch and have something underneath it. Be very careful!

Let cool and bust with the back of a spoon into pieces. Pour in a container and sprinkle some powder sugar (a few tablespoons) on it to keep it from sticking together and shake up to mix sugar on all pieces.

It takes about 30 mins for it to get to 300° so basically once you add the water, sugar and Kayro syrup and stir it up really good.  It will boil at first like water does then it will get to be a thick and sticky goo substance. Some recipes don’t double well, but this one does great. I always make double batches.

Be careful and don’t get it on you. It’s 300° and will stick to you like a hot glue gun does and will burn you.

Cleaning Tip:  After you’ve poured the candy onto greased cookie sheet, fill your pot with cold water and the hard candy will dissolve quickly and easily off of your pan.

These make excellent homemade gift ideas.  All you have to do is add them to a cute little mason jar and decorate it up with some red ribbon to match the color of the Cinnamon Rock Candy and Voila!  You’re done!

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Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe

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