5 Major Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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5 Major Benefits of Intermittent Fasting


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

You heard the term Intermittent Fasting, now you’re wondering if it’s something you should pursue. You’ve even seen people who have awesome results and you want that to be you. Well, Intermittent Fasting can help you get the results you want. Remember that Intermittent Fasting isn’t starving yourself, you will be eating, just not all the time.  There are different types of intermittent fasting too.  How you choose to fast will depend on your own personal goals.  Be sure to read the benefits of intermittent fasting and reach autophagy here too!

Here are a few benefits of Intermittent Fasting.


Repair cells

When you’re busy eating all the time, your body doesn’t have time to do what it should be doing, which is repairing cells. Intermittent Fasting gives your body time and energy to repair damaged cells.

Lose belly fat

How many times have you looked at your belly and wanted to lose belly fat? Intermittent Fasting gives you that chance to lose belly fat! Because losing weight happens with Intermittent Fasting, you’re likely to lose weight in your belly.

Eat fewer calories

If you start eating from the time you wake up, until the time you go to bed, then you’re eating a lot of calories. You probably aren’t even trying to use up that many calories, it just seems natural to want to eat. When you are doing Intermittent Fasting, you are eating fewer calories because you’re not giving yourself all day to eat.

Reduce inflammation

Right now, your body is probably suffering from inflammation. Some of it is from the food you eat and some of it is from overeating. Either way, Intermittent Fasting helps your body heal from inflammation. With reduced inflammation in your body, you’re actually fighting many common diseases.

Great for your brain

You may be wondering what kind of benefits Intermittent Fasting offers your brain. Well, several! Intermittent Fasting helps reduce blood sugar levels and it also helps possibly increase the growth of new nerve cells.

If you have been wanting to lose weight, reduce inflammation, and eat less, then Intermittent Fasting is for you. Losing weight comes by eating less and consuming fewer calories. Intermittent Fasting gives your body time to repair itself without putting food in it all the time. When your body isn’t eating all the time, it is also burning its own body fat. Amazing, right?

If fasting is too restrictive for you, you might also try the Beef and Butter Fast or an Egg Fast to achieve weight loss. Both of worked extremely well for me. Sometimes you need a reboot.


I would also like to suggest you start testing your glucose and ketone readings to see exactly what you are dealing with in your own body.  I use the Dr. Boz ratio spreadsheet where I take my glucose reading and divide it by my ketone reading to get a ratio.

Here’s a Ratio Example:  
96 glucose and 1.5 ketones.
96 divided by 1.5 = 64
You are at 64% and well within the weight loss zone!
  • Anything under 80% is weight loss.
  • Anything under 40% is immune boosting.
  • Anything under 20% is cancer fighting.

You can watch the video replay we did on Hair loss on the Keto Diet video here because we explain how to start testing your numbers and how to track them too!


There are two different glucose/ketone monitors on the market that take both types of readings with one machine.

Keto Mojo Blood/Ketone Meter

Order here:  http://bit.ly/2QCj7Ta


Fora6 Blood/Ketone Meter

Order:  http://bit.ly/2PNbJEf


I have tested both machines and find them both equal.  If I had to buy one or the other again, it would depend on the price of the strips to make my choice again.


Come join us for some interesting conversation about Intermittent Fasting at the Intermittent Fasting Rules Group on Facebook!

Low Carb Inspirations or Keto Friendly Recipes Group on Facebook

Have you seen this video yet?  It’s a really good explanation of how intermittent fasting works within your body.


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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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